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Paul Host Celebrates 30 years on WMSE this Saturday

Paul Host (on left)

Words by Ryan Schleicher

We looked for a really good picture of Paul, but for some reason, this one just makes sense. Paul’s not a fancy guy, nor does he much care for the limelight. He just goes about his business, working hard to dig deep into music’s vast history, always exploring what is important and good with Wisconsin music.

When you hear us talk about how loyal and passionate is the WMSE community, look to Paul as a great example of that. WMSE DJs are all volunteers, and Paul believes so much in the station’s mission that he’s been devoting his time and endegry for thirty years! THIRTY YEARS! And you can bet that this Saturday’s anniversary show – from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. – will be a celebration, but not too much of one. Paul’s just that way. In fact, he’s so modest that when we asked him to send us some of his highlights from his thirty years of volunteer service, he listed, “Nice calls (from listeners), especially during the Christmas show, and making some incredible friends along the way.” Here are few more of his highlights:

-Representing WMSE at events and festivals: Maritime Days, Bastille, early days in the Summerfest parking lot, etc.
-Interviews with favorite artists such as Lou Reed, Jaz Coleman, Crackers and the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken from TV Nation
-Meeting listeners
-Hanging out with other WMSE DJs til the wee hours
-Discovering all kinds of music
-Hearing WMSE all over the city in 1981
-Doing the local music show

See what I mean? The dude just loves music, loves other people who love music and loves WMSE! Do us a favor – call him up this Saturday and say, “Thanks for thirty years, Paul!”

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