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Melissa Czarnik Releases New Album “Raspberry Jesus” This Friday

Melissa Czarnik

Local hip hop artist Melissa Czarnik is hitting up the berry theme once again for her newest album Raspberry Jesus (remember her recent release Strawberry Cadillac?). In a recent interview with The Onion’s A.V. Milwaukee, Czarnik explains, ” They really have nothing to do with each other. The name of that first album just kind of came to me one day. With Raspberry Jesus, it came about when I was in France eating these raspberry cookies. I grew up Catholic, and this cookie tasted like the Eucharist, so I was like, ‘This tastes like a Raspberry Jesus!’ My producer Eric Mire was there; ] a couple weeks later he says, ‘You should name your record Raspberry Jesus’.

Mire had more than a hand in producing and picking the name for Czarnik’s new CD — his band (the Eric Mire Band) backed Czarnik up with their smooth and jazzy elements riding smoothly behind the talented young MC’s poetic lyrics that call to mind Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill. Musicians such as Eric Jacobson (trumpet), Don Bradshaw (percussion), Chip Bailey (percussion), Maruice Cotton (piano), Brad Bloom (saxophone) and Aaron Gardner (flute) fill out an already-powerful sound that Czarnik pushes forward on her new release. Check out a track from Raspberry Jesus, below. Read an interview with Czarnik on Milwaukee Up *here*.

Melissa Czarnik releases Raspberry Jesus at Stonefly Brewery [735 E. Center] on Saturday, July 31st at 10 p.m. Also playing: the Him & Her DJs, Ms. Cream (poet) and the Eric Mire Band.

Melissa Czarnik, “Say Goodbye”

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