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Riverwest Fest’s Emphasis on the Local


Local music gets its roots in basements and its foundation from its youthful makeup. When these major components are hampered, musicians, more often than not, find a way around these crucial spaces for newer projects. This weekend, Riverwest Fest is championing these newer projects in the hopes of securing a proper space in which to see them and keep them in reach to all music fans, whether they are 15 years-old or 35 years-old.

Kelsey  Kaufman and Sean Heiser, the organizers behind Riverwest Fest, have been running the Eagle’s Nest, just such a spot that advocates local music and its patrons. The Eagle’s Nest’s all-ages venue setup is located on Center Street  in the Jackpot Gallery in Riverwest, which has seen local, national and even international acts come through. In order to keep the space as a venue, Kaufman and Heiser need to complete renovations to acquire proper venue permits. This weekend’s  fest is to be the monetary fuel behind this; a fundraiser to get these needed renovations and permits rolling. Seven Riverwest venues, some all-ages, some 21+, will feature local music from metal to country, hip hop, rock and pop.

On the Eagle’s Nest Tumblr page, Kaufman writes, “A lot of questions have arisen regarding the game plan for The Eagle’s Nest. Why all the fundraising? Why all-ages? Why nonprofit? Why bother? Milwaukee deserves and needs a sustainable, all-ages arts space. We have a thriving and very supportive community of artists and musicians, but lack organzied spaces to host all-ages events.”

Passes for the two-day fundraiser fest can be purchased at Beans & Barley, Sky High skate shop, Fuel Cafe and Jackpot Gallery.

Friday, 8/13

3pm @ the Eagle’s Nest: Joz Z and Myles Coyne

3:30pm @ the Uptowner: Okerlo

4pm @ the Eagle’s Nest: Dandelion Spine

4:30pm @ the Uptowner: Cry Coyote

5pm @ Cream City: Ritual Form

5:30pm @ Bremen Cafe: Dinosaurus

6pm @ Cream City: Maidens

6:30pm @ the Riverhorse: Breathe Fire

6:30pm @ Bremen Cafe: No Sleep for the Bear

7pm @ Club Timbuktu: Lord Brain

7:30pm @ Riverhorse: Burning Sons

8pm @ Club Timbuktu: Red Knife Lottery

9pm @ Club Timbuktu: Terrior Bute

10pm @ Stonefly: Jonathan Burks

11pm @ Stonefly: John the Savage

12am @ Stonefly: the Figureheads


Saturday, 8/14

3pm @ the Eagle’s Nest: Narrenschiff

3:30pm @ Bremen Cafe: Arto

4pm @ the Eagle’s Nest: Fahri

4:30pm @ Bremen Cafe: Lines & Terminals

5pm @ Cream City: Absolutely

5:30pm @ the Riverhorse: Squidbotz

6pm @ Cream City: Enabler

6:30pm @ the Riverhorse: Death Dream

7pm @ Club Timbuktu: Everybody at Midnight

7:30pm @ the Uptowner: Venus and Jank One

8pm @ Club Timbuktu: Centipedes

8:30pm @ the Uptowner: JDL

9pm @ Club Timbuktu: the Trusty Knife

10pm @ Stonefly: Mr. Hawk Fight

11pm @ Stonefly: Curb

12am @ Stonefly: High Lonesome


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