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Lunaversol9’s “A Novel Slur”

(Note: Through Wednesday, I, dwellephant, will be filling in for Sonic Diet’s Editor and CEO, Erin Wolf. Think of it less as a substitution, and more along the lines of when they temporarily switched Beckys on Roseanne.)

THE ARTIST: Lunaversol9
Lunaversol9 is the she-half of Def Harmonic, one of my absolute favorite groups, period. Know who else loves ’em? Saul Williams. On his second album, he wrote the song “Grippo” about them, after haphazardly catching them performing live. He thought they, and what they were doing, were the future of Hip-Hop. And thus, “Grippo” was born. How do I know this? Because he told me in an interview. An interview I had the pleasure to replay the recording of for Lunaversol9. People should know that those they admire sometimes admire them, too.

THE ALBUM: A Novel Slur
As soon as I hit the internet today, I zipped over to Listening Party Records site and bought this little bundle of magic. It’s a five-song time capsule of stories from 2006, brought to life over the course of a few years/recording sessions. The majority of the production comes courtesy of Brusubardis, who handled a generous portion of the production on her debut full-length afterBirth (2006, Popguard Records). His handiwork is the kind of stuff you want to hear both through the loudest of car stereos, and the best set of headphones you can find. Funky little atmospheres that Lunaversol9 sounds absolutely at home on. As do Def Harmonic comrade J Todd and frequent collaborator Epcot, who guest on the incredible second track “Glaciers.” J Todd also provides an absolute heater of a beat for the EP’s lead track, “Hellbent,” which will keep me distracted well enough until that next Def Harmonic record comes out.

(Side note: The cover illustration from Samantha Sanborn is fantastic, too. Good to see some quality art on a digital release.)

Listening Party is offering this as a pay-what-you-want digital download (click here), in a variety of high-quality formats I don’t understand because I have zero sound engineering education. And you should pay. Maybe before you download it. Maybe after. Always support the things you love. And keep an eye on Listening Party. They’re doing everything right.

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