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Pezzettino and LMNTLyst’s Lub Dub

Pezzettino (Margaret Stutt), the accordion-squeezing, Milwaukee-by-way-of-Brooklyn pop music phenom is turning her newest release party into a homecoming celebration this weekend. Her recent collaborative project with local hip hop/funk musician and producer, LMNtlyst (Brandon Birchbauer) will be unveiled in raucous style at this Saturday’s Mondo Lucha event at Turner Hall Ballroom.

Lub Dub is exactly what it sounds like it might be — a labor of love and emotion, wrapped up in ribbons and good-natured wrath, but with new twists and turns on Pezzettino’s original folk-pop. Lots of funk, definitely some dub and a lighthearted attitude easily has Lub Dub hopped up with playful energy from start to finish (take a listen, *here*). Stutt’s Regina Spektor-esque vocals are never vapidly demure, but full of the life of each story she relays. Birchbauer pumps up the glitz, adding beats, bass and more for an effort that is a truly enjoyable one and Stutt’s first collaboration sounds like fun probably because the process, itself, was. She shares five instances that left the making of Lub Dub something to remember.

“1)  “Cold Hard Chick” was originally titled “Cold Hard B*$#”

2)  LMNtlyst kept trying to get me to sing softer, and I kept cracking up, feeling like I was a phone sex operator or porn star/ Like the result!  “oooohhhh”

3) My French sucks, and the line “je te manque” in the song “For You and Your Headaches” translates to “you miss me” instead of “I miss you.”  All those education dollars and study abroad wasted.  Adam Carr corrected me two years too late (no really, thanks Adam), but I like the sound of “je te manque” more then “tu me manque” so it’s staying this way.  “Tu” sounds too much like “you” and whatever, it can be interpreted many ways… you know, the guy missed me which made me miss him so fine, whatever, it stays!

4) Started writing “Ya Missed the Boat” on an overnight drive home from a Michigan gig, and in order to stay awake I recorded video singing and dancing at gas stations along the way.  I get bored driving by myself everywhere; this was fun entertainment that turned into an album song.  Turned into the first in a series of edited video blog songs (Vlog 16: Early AM Stretches).  Inspiration: Jock Jams.  When I was trying to describe that beat to LMNtlyst, we discovered the guy who wrote that song’s author is a showboat named GARY GLITTER :

5) We recorded the last track on a grand piano at the Wisconsin Conservatory and realized a month later when we were set to record vocals, that I played it in the wrong key (somehow).  It’s way lower than the “original” but we kept it because it brought out a different quality in the vocals.  Instead of being high and whispering, it’s as if I’m choking on tears.  Keep!

Pezzettino and LMNtlyst release Lub Dub at the Turner Hall Ballroom on Saturday, September 11th as part of Mondo Lucha. 8 p.m. Listen to an interview with Pezzettino from Dori’s Girlina Show yesterday *here*.

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