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Been DYING to share this

by dwellephant

Remember those music related films WMSE sponsored during the Milwaukee Film Festival? (If not, re-read this blog post.) I was lucky enough to see one of them: Soundtrack for a Revolution. In short, it’s a documentary about protest songs that came out of the Civil Rights movement, featuring performances of said songs by contemporary recording artists.

It’s also the most emotional movie-going experience I’ve ever had.

I walked out of that theater gutted, convinced without a doubt that these men and women who created and participated in the Civil Rights movement are hands down the “Greatest Generation” this country has ever had the privilege of knowing. I also went right home and searched furiously for the lone contemporary reinterpretation I felt did justice to both the film, and the song they were covering– The Roots w/TV On The Radio‘s Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone, performing “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round.”

For weeks, there was nothing but a snippet from the film’s trailer. Then, today, I found it. Hence the YouTube clip pasted above.

The song alone is an incredibly beautiful and powerful thing. But what The Roots do with it gave me chills. Gives me chills. I remember sitting there, watching them sing it, thinking, “They sound like they just watched what I watched, because this song sounds like I feel now.”

The tune kicks in at the :09 mark. Watch it here. Then rent the film. Every human being should. And next time I see Milwaukee Film Festival out and about, I’m buying them a drink. I wouldn’t be able to talk about any of this if it weren’t for them.

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