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Twenty-Five Years of Paul Cebar

Paul Cebar

Because some things can never be repeated enough, I want to reiterate WMSE Promotions Director Ryan Schleicher’s earlier message to WMSE e-newsletter subscribers. Our local musical heroes are important, and Paul Cebar is definitely counted as one of them: not only is he a talented musician, he’s one of the many creative WMSE DJs [Wednesdays, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. CST].  Here’s what Ryan shared with you via your inboxes today which we want to pass along even further:

“It would be a mistake if we didn’t lead off today with a little bit about Milwaukee legend, and WMSE DJ, Mr. Paul Cebar. We’re not sure if you realize this, but Paul is celebrating twenty five years as a Milwaukee bandleader. TWENTY FIVE YEARS! Whereas a lot of bands and bandleaders that last a long time have significant gaps in production, we can safely say that Paul is not one of those bandleaders. He never stops writing, creating, playing. He never stops collaborating. And if you know Paul at all, you know he has never, and will never, stop letting his life be guided by the groove.

Paul and his current band, the Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound, continue celebrating his 25th year as bandleader when they take over the Shank Hall stage on Saturday [8 p.m.]. The show also features another band of tried and true Milwaukee veterans, The Mike Benign Compulsion.

You should go. You should help let Paul know that his many talents and devotion to music in Milwaukee are important to you. See you there.”

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