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Alternating Currents Live Presents: Carl Ludwig Hübsch’s Longrun Development of the Universe

Longrun Development of the Universe

Words by WMSE DJ Hal Rammel

All the compositions written for this trio utilize the characteristic playing style of each musician. New music and of modern jazz influences pervade combining the forces of structured improvisation and composed elements. Hübsch’s works combine contemporary written music, jazz and free improvised music, though every now and then a traditional song like “El Eterno (for Che Guevara)”, a Navaho melody, or a Sun Ra tune tune can cross the listeners road. The trio’s concerts are driven by the excellent, humorous and vivid playing of these musicians and their ability to turn written notation freely into real time stories.

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Born in Freiburg, Germany, Carl Ludwig Hübsch grew up playing clarinet in the local brass bands and drums in punk and rock bands. Around 1983 he exchanged the clarinet for a tuba. Self-taught on tuba, he has explored all kinds of music—including a wonderful mediocre dance music trio—all with musical roots diversely situated in the music of Frank Zappa, King Sunny Ade, and The Dead Kennedys. Carl Ludwig Hübsch has performed with musicians like Thomasz Stanko, Paul Lytton, Lester Bowie, Paul Lovens, Ernst Reijseger, Thomas Lehn, Axel Dörner, Michel Doneda, Scott Fields, and many others.

Matthias Schubert

Matthias Schubert is one of the leading German saxophone players. If you have ever seen him on stage you’ll hardly forget his performance. His extremely powerful playing, the richness of ideas in his improvisations and his inspired compositions give him a prime position in German Jazz. He has performed with the Euro Jazz Big Band, the Graham Collier Band, the Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett, the Gunter Hampel and the Galaxy Dream Band.

Wolter Wierbos

Wolter Wierbos is considered one of the world’s leading trombone players. He has played throughout Europe, Canada, USA and Asia. Described as “a phenomenon, both a humorous importer of every style into his template-free, fat-backed sound, and a tireless spy in the house of brass”, he is equally at home using the classic trombone vocabulary or enthusiastically giving a round-trip tour of his horn, from buzzing mute mutations and grizzly blurts to purring multiphonics. Like many Dutch brass players Wierbos started out in a ‘fanfare’ (brass band), switching from trumpet to trombone when he was 17. “It looked good, and the trombones walk in front….” His interests range from precise chamber jazz to throbbing post punk and contemporary composed and improvised music.

Alternating Currents Live presents
Carl Ludwig Hübsch’s Longrun Development of the Universe
Sunday, October 31, 7pm

At Woodland Patatern Book Center

With a live broadcast on 91.7 FM WMSE


Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba, composition
Wolter Wierbos – trombone
Matthias Schubert – saxophone

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