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New Kid Cut Up Mix Out Today!

by Dwellephant

If memory serves me correctly, the first time I ever heard Kid Cut Up DJ was at my very first live art gig here in Milwaukee. It was “Hallowheeled”– obviously the Halloween edition of the monthly (?) “Wheeled” events that Why B and Angelus would throw at Thai Joe’s. (Side note: I miss that place.) I don’t remember much about that night, but I do remember very clearly turning around when I heard someone blending a cut from Jurassic-5’s Power in Numbers into the pinball song from Sesame Street. Pretty sure I gave him props for that transition, too, because one should always be grateful for a legitimately good DJ.

Fast-forward almost eight years later, and Kid Cut Up is easily one of the best DJs around. Period. Crowds don’t stand still when he’s on stage. He can rock B-Boys sets, straight-up Hip-Hop sets, and if you let him do what he does best, you’ll probably wind up hearing Talking Heads, The Specials, and Toots and the Maytals in a set.

Oh– and did we mention he’s 1/2 of The Mad Kids show right here on 91.7 FM WMSE every Tuesday night from 9PM–Midnight? Yeah… we gave thanks for that last Thursday, too.

His latest mix (released today) is proof that a truly great DJ can make a set out of any kind of music. Click over to his website and you’ll see what I mean: Men In Hats? Rush? Queen? The Pixies? Soulja Boy? Daft Punk? David Guetta? All in the new mix.

You can download it, FOR FREE, right here. And while you’re waiting for the eventual dance party to unravel on your desktop, check out the videos on his homepage. See what he did over your Summer Vacation.

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