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Uneasy Listening: Cursive’s Tim Kasher Solos It Into His 30’s With Awkward Charm

Tim Kasher

“I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here”

“No Fireworks”

Tim Kasher might be lumped in with all the past 90’s indie glory days outfits of Saddle Creek Records whom he shared a label with (his indie band Cursive is a pretty hefty representation of the label), but one thing is for certain: Kasher isn’t fresh-starting it at this point. His sad-sack songwriter tendencies haven’t shifted much as a solo artist from the heavier days of Cursive. And while that outfit still functions (having released a new album in 2009),  it’s clear Kasher’s got his sights set on additional outlets (including his former project with The Good Life). Here’s a man that has enough artistic angst to keep him paying the rent and groceries for a bit longer, and perhaps the fact that  Kasher is so willing to write about the things most people would consider to be the awkwardly trivial or mundane hurdles of life, is the reason that his audiences perk up their ears with a bit of botheration that they didn’t write about this stuff themselves, after all.

In a recent interview with The Shepherd Express, Kasher explains of his new solo album The Game of Monogamy, ““I try to seek out subject matter that is difficult to write about for whatever reason…I’m trying to find topics that aren’t touched on as much, trying to find insight into experiences that we’ve all had but that make us uncomfortable to talk about. And lately, I’ve really gotten into the experience of creating that discomfort live.The subject matter in [“There Must Be Something I’ve Lost”] is so personal that it’s very much a shared experience live,” Kasher says. “Our drummer was just commenting the other night that when we were playing it, there was a girl in the front row who gave a big laugh and looked at her friends, like that was the only way she could respond. The song was just more than she was willing to take as a listener, so she was conditioned to just laugh.””

The musical backdrop of these personal moments are less than personal, filled with plenty of pop aplomb, horns and strings, tricking the listener into thinking Kasher is just pushing forth a pretty composition, but there’s plenty of dust on these diamonds. Upbeat paired with downtrodden makes for an unusual combination, but Kasher knows how to make that a winning one. Listen to the sweeping pop of “I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here” and “No Fireworks” to get a glimpse.

Kasher visits the WMSE studios today at 2 p.m. to play a couple songs from his new album The Game of Monogamy and  to talk about his show this evening at the Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom at 8 p.m. Tune in at 91.7 FM on your radio dial or listen online at

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