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Get Blicked: A WMSE DJ Makes an Impression On Milwaukee Music

Jon Blick

Happy new year, from WMSE! What will 2011 bring, musically? 2010 wasn’t too shabby; we’re definitely expectant and excited to see what the new year in music has for everyone.

And you can safely lean on the fact that  one of the 2011 ambassadors of new music will be none other than WMSE DJ, Jon Blick (Thursdays, 12 a.m. – 3 a.m.). Blick’s show, Overnight Sensations, is consistently full of some of the best and brightest in both national and local music. His three-hour show could bring sounds from The Sugar Stems to The Whigs to Grinderman. Need a clearer idea of what Blick spins before you dig into his show? Check out his favorites from the past year, here.  Blick definitely knows his stuff, and there’s a reason — he’s been firmly planted in the music scene for years as a listener, DJ and tech. His notoriety has bit by bit, lead into his last name morphing into a verb regarding his famed genius with musical equipment (not only is Blick a WMSE DJ and an avid show-goer, he’s renowned for his crafty technician skills, fixing buzzing amps and fried tubes).

Read the article that Blaine Schultz of The Scene Newspaper recently wrote about the man and legend (read, *here*); Schultz chronicles the great work Blick has done for Milwaukee music and why he deserves a nod. Want to hear Blick in all his Overnight Sensations glory? Tune in to his show on Thursdays or check it out in the WMSE archives.

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