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Ducktails: III Arcade Dynamics

Ducktails: III Arcade Dynamics

If the word ‘ducktails’ conjures up visions of pond-dabbling waterfowl, then you might not ‘get’ the core of the project [dubbed ‘Ducktails’]of one Matthew Mondanile, a New Jersey resident who grabbed the name from the airy memories of his recent youth and pinned it on his hazy and sunshine-induced bedroom pop. For those familiar with the 80’s/90’s Disney cartoon (DuckTales), Ducktails the band holds a special nostalgia that isn’t obviously-related to its pop culture namesake, yet the feeling caught from an era or an adolescent epoch rings as recognizable.

Mondanile’s easygoing song style makes use of loops, drum machines, fuzz pedals, simplistic guitars and sing-to-oneself vocals and on the recently-released III: Arcade Dynamics [Woodsist Records], the effect is as much bedroom recordings as it is campfire songs and laundromat scrawlings. It’s full of moments perfect to lose oneself in on those elusive free weekend afternoons with nothing to do but walk around and see what’s going on: songs such as “Little Window” trail off into acoustic guitar ramblings, prodded by bare-bones tambourine while “Arcade Shift” makes use of drum machines and fuzzed-out bass lines.

Fellow label-mates, White Fence, Kurt Vile, Woods, Moon Duo and Art Museums all apply the same aesthetic of introverted but wide-scape dreaming and Mondanile (along with the rest of the Woodsist posse) uses his simplistic, almost twee-like qualities to cunningly suck one into daydream land without being flashy or outright-ly hook-filled. Take a listen to a couple tracks, below, and be sure to check out Ducktails’ single collaboration with Animal Collective’s Panda Bear [“Killin the Vibe”].

“Killin the Vibe”

“Hamilton Road”

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