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MELT Introduces Live Electronic Music to Milwaukee’s Weeknights

Part of the always-present effort to broaden the local club experience, the recently-conceived weekly electronic/experimental night at Mad Planet entitled “MELT” is already busy promoting round two — last Tuesday featured The Demix, DJ Screendoor, WMSE DJ Erik Void, Anarchist Noize Machina and Miss Erika Jean — with the new electronic fixture hoping to generate interest and a deeper knowledge of the city’s (and surrounding cities) loop-stylists, snyth-addicts and beat-manipulators.

Realized by local The Demix (Paul Fuhr), MELT is set to be a great platform for introducing live, electronic music to Milwaukee beyond a typical weekend dance-club setting. In a recent interview with The Shepherd Express, Fuhr explains, “I’m trying to spotlight anything that’s electronic or influenced by electronic music, pretty much any act that experiments with whatever genre they are, or musicians who go outside the box and explore the fringe…[and] I’m inviting musicians to do a different kind of set than they would normally do. You’re not going to hear the same music here each week, though the event will definitely keep the same vibe.”

Check out the lineup (and info)  for tomorrow’s MELT, below and tune into 91.7 FM WMSE tomorrow at 2 p.m. CST to hear Fuhr talk about what’s set for tomorrow at Mad Planet and for MELT in the weeks to follow.


Tuesday, January 18th at 9pm


“Milwaukee punk and noise alum Paul “Evil” Kneevers calls his latest band’s style “lounge prog rock.” It’s a fitting designation for Lovanova and the monstrous tones of Kneever’s Hammond organ. The nine instrumentals on the group’s debut flit from bachelor pads heavy on leopard print and tiki lights to the spacious domains befitting Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Focus. Not far from either venue stands a soul revue with optional go-go dancers. If the concept seems a bit schizoid, that mighty keyboard keeps it all together.” – expressmilwaukee


aka: Emotional Joystick – slick intelligent dance music


quality original and boosted remixes + drum and bass


electro attack


The Mad Planet is located at 533 E. Center Street. MELT for Tuesday, January 18th starts at 9 p.m. 21+

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