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Pumped To See the Pixies? You Should Be Pumped to See Our Latest eNewsletter!

Being informed pays off. Being a Pixies fan and being informed pays off big (they’re coming to Milwaukee in April, you know?).

Being a Pixies fan and being informed from your favorite frontier radio station, 91.7 FM WMSE via our weekly eNewsletter pays off even bigger (need to sign up for the WMSE eNewsletter? You can do so, here.) How much so, one might ask? Here’s what WMSE’s Promotions Director, Ryan Schleicher divulged to you, the WMSE eNewsletter recipient, today:

“Because you are a WMSE eNewsletter subscriber, you get benefits from time to time. Today (until 10 p.m., CST),  you get first-crack at tickets for the Pixies concert at The Rave on Saturday, April 23rd. It’s simple: Click HERE and enter the password “Doolittle”. Blammo! Done! Fini!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

The WMSE Team”

The early bird will get the Pixies worm and should be pleased — the band plans on performing its entire classic brain-melter, 1989’s, Doolittle at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom. Its seven-years-ago Milwaukee performance was pretty sweet, but this upcoming rare chance to hear one of rock music’s most exuberantly inventive and ballsy albums should be one for the books.

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