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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): The Babies “Sunset”

The Babies

Heard of Vivian Girls? Dig Woodsist Records‘ band, Woods? Get stuck on the latest album from Vivian Girls + Woods members’ project, The Babies [Shrimper Records]. Cassie Ramone, vocalist/guitarist from Vivian Girls, met up with Woods’ bassist Kevin Morby in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, when Morby needed a place to crash a couple years ago. The two ended up writing music together in their spare time, like the best of bored roommates and soon added drummer pal, Justin Sullivan [formerly of band, Bossy] and bassist Nathan Stark [Bent Outta Shape]  into the mix to form a full band. Listen to a track off of their self-titled album (“Sunset”) to get a handle on their sound: echo-y, scrappy, fuzzed-out vs. acoustic-ed up, with emphasis on fun side of writing sing-along songs. Weird and smart (like the Velvet Underground) and punky and crass (like the Pixies), The Babies are still distinctly Brooklyn, but completely accessible in a hyperactive and hyper-intelligent East Coast kind of way.

The Babies  “Sunset”

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