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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): Sims “Burn It Down”

The Doomtree Collective is collectively pumping some of the best in Minneapolis hip hop, the name  pretty much attaching the words ‘solid’ and ‘quality’ to it without even having to try.

Sims, the latest to release on Doomtree, is a rapper with roots deep in his Minneapolis hometown. Andrew [Sims] grew up with a hard-edged childhood, but found a good way to drive away the frustration —  listen to rap and hip hop, namely Wu-Tang Clan (his first love). Years later, Sims was sharing his lyrics with fellow local, P.O.S., using the beat-maker’s compositions as a ground from which to build on.

Sims’ recent release, Bad Time Zoo [Doomtree], is savvy and smartly-paced, full of energy and plenty of Midwestern city elements. Tough and tuneful, Bad Time Zoo sounds pretty sweet compliments of Doomtree producer Lazerbeak. According to Doomtree, “Over the pulse and sway of Lazerbeak’s urgent, expansive production, Sims raises 50-story verses and swings wrecking-ball choruses. With scenes straight from Darwin’s nightmares – people as animals gorging in the streets (“The Veldt”) – Bad Time Zoo is not so much a hip-hop album as a teeming, beat-driven urban wilderness.”

Listen to “Burn it Down” in the video, above.

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