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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): The Insane Warrior “Water Wheel”

by Milan Zori

I’ll keep this brief, since it’s the day after Guinness’ favorite day of the year, and you no doubt need to get back to your healthy breakfast of two aspirin and as much black coffee as the world can pour you.

The Insane Warrior is Rjd2, who decided to follow up his fantastic 2010 album The Colossus with We Are The Doorways— an album of instrumentals inspired by horror and sci-fi film scores from the 1976-1984 era. And it really does sound exactly like that, but through Rjd2’s unique sonic hand. Above is the official video for today’s WMSE song of the day, “Water Wheel.” (Water being something a lot of you also probably need a great deal of also.) It starts out upbeat and funky, ventures into slightly warped organ territory, then returns to the happy head-nodder it started as.

You can listen to the entire album on Rjd2’s bandcamp site here. And if you want to see what other people think of the album, Rj set up a separate site for fans of We Are The Doorways to share their own audio and video pieces inspired by the record.

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