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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): Figurines “New Colors”

“Channeling the woolly Danish Vikings who took to icy seas and ravaged half of Europe, FIGURINES are new historians teaching sold-out Scandinavian audiences to file their jagged helmet horns with crisp guitars and rolling melodies, surfing perfectly on back-beat modern waves [The Control Group].” These Danes don’t come across quite as Viking as this description would have one believe — the three-piece does create sounds that do indeed emulate American-bred indie pop, but their creations’ lovely, crystalline qualities keeps them from complete foreigner-accusation. And though these Danes might sing in English,  they capably explained why in a 2006 interview with Pitchfork’s Stuart Berman, “In Denmark, everyone’s second language is English. When most of the music you’ve listened to comes from English-speaking countries, it just feels natural to sing that way and it helps get it out to more people.” FIGURINES, English language and all, still manages to come across as atypically American pop, favoring synths and pianos, but bolstering their chamber pop with reverbed guitars to strike a chord with glam-loving Americans. The band has a new-as-of-yesterday album out, of which the track for the above video {“New Colors”] is from.

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