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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): Crappy Dracula “I Think You’d Better Sit Down For This One”

Crappy Dracula

Milwaukee’s trio Crappy Dracula’s Dead Milkmen-styled punk rock is one step away from being aggravating if it weren’t so damn funny. Guitarist/vocalist Justin Kern, bassist Dug Belan and drummer Brock Gourlie take not being serious pretty seriously, holding a  limitless supply of pop culture, historical and scientific references at hand to proudly confound their listeners with. Their latest, Fantastic Dracula, is filled with name-drops of Wi-Fi, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Detroit Rock City, Dom Perignon, General Hospital and choruses with “Silver and Gold / Chlorine and Mold”. Hear for yourself this Friday, as the band releases the new album at The Cactus Club [2496 S. Wentworth] alongside The Fatty Acids and Sprout. A recent interview with Tea Krulos of The Shepherd Express points out, “If you don’t get a chance to catch the band, you might hear the album anyway. Kern claims he’s working on a proclamation for the city of Milwaukee that requires “all residents to spend 41 minutes, by law, listening to our albums or sitting quietly in a corner.”

“I Think You’d Better Sit Down for This One”

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