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Short and Sweet: Yacht Talks With WMSE


Interview by Dori Zori

Yacht plays tonight at Turner Hall Ballroom so we caught up with them as they traverse the highways of North America.

You just performed at Coachella? Most memorable moment?

Just being in the environment of the Indio Valley was surreal. It is a spectacularly inhospitable environment for human habitation, let alone a sprawling, massive-scale music festival. With the thousands of people in attendance, the mega-wattage of flashing lights, the IV-drip of promotional energy drinks in our veins, and the presence of a seemingly endless stream of celebrities backstage: it was like a hyper-sensory dream. Or nightmare.

Jona, you were born in Madison, Wisconsin. Do you feel any ties to Wisconsin?

Jona: Claire and I have psychic connections to a handful of cities around the world, and Madison is very much a physical place that holds this kind of power I feel inside of my body every time we’re granted the gift of playing there. I hope you’ll have us back some time soon, Madison!

How do you feel about being called “DFA’s weirdest band” [CMJ]?

C&J: It’s an honor. DFA is home to the sweetest, strangest, most intelligent and most fiercely independent strains of genius that we’ve ever encountered; we feel profoundly lucky to share a logo with the rest of the DFA family. As DIY-raised grunge kids from the Pacific Northwest, we’ll always be the black sheep, looking around in incredulous wonder at the company we keep — but we’ve never felt the slightest bit unwelcome.

What’s more important – hooks or beats? Seems like the two are always battling for attention in your music (and that’s a compliment).

C&J: As much as we love duality — black and white, Utopia and Dystopia –we try not to reduce our work to simple elements like hooks or beats. What makes pop music difficult, and so spectacular when it’s done well, is the fragile ecosystem of symbiosis between all the elements of its composition. Take out one single note and the entire song crumbles. The tense interplay between words and music is what generates the dynamic Kundalini energy that propels music forward through time and allows it to etch itself into the brains of its listeners.

What do you have lined up for the summer, music-wise or not?

We will continue to be on tour forever, from this summer onwards into the rest of infinity.

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