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Short and Sweet: Holly Golightly Talks to WMSE

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

No Help Coming’ may be the title of Holly Golightly and the Brokeoff’s latest release, but that doesn’t mean it’s a ten hanky listen. The dark (but humorous) spots of “Under Arrest” and “Get Out of My House” make it pretty clear that Golightly and Lawyer Dave (‘The Brokeoffs’) are well read on the fairer and more timeless musical qualities that hard times generations dealt with simply by making light of the tough stuff. Throw in a cover of country icon Bill Anderson’s “The Lord Knows We’re Drinking”, and Golightly and crew win another round in easing our worried minds with simple song. Golightly talks to WMSE before the Georgia-based duo stops by the Mad Planet tonight.

Your albums seamlessly blend your own material with covers and you’ve got Wendell Austin and Bill Anderson in the mix this time around. What constitutes a good cover choice?

A good cover is something I can pull off without making an arse of myself…or in this case, making an arse of Dave, too. They get chosen for lyrical content as well as the tune. It largely depends on what’s going on and how/what we’re recording at the time. It’s good to find things that will sit nicely with the other tracks we have in mind for a record.

“No Help Coming” sounds pretty dire, but you present it in such a cheerful fashion. when did you first figure out you had a dark sense of humor?

I had very funny, sharp parents. I have them to thank, entirely.

When you tour with ‘The Brokeoffs’ (Lawyer Dave), he often carries along quite the miscellany of percussion — any new pots and pans  added to the mix?

We don’t have pots and pans, as such, but there are some bent drumsticks and duct taped miscellaneous items to bang on.

Exactly why is Lawyer Dave, “Lawyer Dave”, anyway?

Lawyer Dave got his name from drinking out of a mug with a lawyer on it one time…a long time ago. There were two Daves in the band, and it made it easier.

You two seem to like Milwaukee quite a bit as you’ve played here often — what’s the spark to keep coming back?

Indeed. We always have fun and plan to keep coming back as long as folks want to come out and see us.

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs play Mad Planet [533 E. Center] tonight.

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