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WMSE Welcomes MELT #8 [Featuring Omega Clash]

Tonight’s MELT is celebrating its eighth and with some sweet style, compliments of the combined efforts of electronic creatives, Lorn and Adoptahighway, together to form the unstoppable sounds of Omega Clash. According to the man behind MELT, The Demix [Paul Fuhr], Lorn and Adoptahighway are “close friends and artists with an eclectic range of musical influence and experiences, drawing from hip hop, noise, classical, hardcore, electronic, and dj cultures. With one side brought up in the environment of formal classical training, the other heavily involved in both the scratch beat scene and visual arts, the two met in their teenage years while attending the same high school. A close friendship was quickly formed after a shared interest in the genre-defying capabilities of electronic music production. while each of them experimented with production on an individual level, they often found themselves exchanging ideas to help further individual efforts. The ideas being tossed back and forth eventually turned into conversations of a world without the constraints of practical science and natural laws, an understanding of the morbidity and hilarity that can be found in all things, and a general ennui towards an existence that is largely out of our control. Omega Clash was created to express these concepts through sound.” More info on this MELT and more at MELT’s Facebook page.

MELT #8, welcomed by 91.7 FM WMSE and Radiograffiti, takes place at Club Garibaldi’s [2501 S. Superior] tonight at 9 p.m. With performances by Omega Clash, Dolor, SeaknĀ  and The Demix.

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