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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Nick Zammuto of The Books

Nick Zammuto of The Books (rt)

interview by Scott Lucey

Because WMSE DJs love their music, we love it when they delve even further than simply spinning their favorite musicians’ tunes on their shows every week, and WMSE DJ Scott Lucey (Wednesdays, 6 a.m. – 9 a.m.) was good enough to dish out the lowdown regarding his undeniable penchant for what the fine folks of Wikipedia have classified as ‘indietronica‘ and ‘folktronica‘. One of Scott’s favorite folktronica heroes? Undeniably, it’s NYC-based group, The Books. Scott took it into his own hands to pick the brain of none other than Nick Zammuto, one half of The Books. Enjoy! Want to hear a track from the band’s last release? Listen *here*.

What’s your favorite memory/thought involving the radio?

Apart from listening to Billy Joel “For The Longest Time” when I was six in the back of my parents car while going to get ice cream,  I think it would have to be my experiences with the Third Coast Audio Festival.  It’s a radio makers festival that happens in Chicago every year.  The Books played our very first show at that festival in 2004, with Gregory Whitehead, so in a sense we owe them for getting us started.  We returned last year to to do a symposium and a host a radio contest, involving samples that we gave for people to use.  It was a great event that spawned a lot of interesting radio docs, including a particularly juicey one about slug sex.

I know from reading your blog posts that you intentionally want to give a way free bits of music in hopes people spread those tracks to all they know.  I also just read the back of YACHT’s new album and see they have some specific instructions insisting their listeners do what they can to pass off the music.  I’m interested to hear your take on ‘free music’ – how you view the digital copulation of music, if you will…

Well, music isn’t free to make, so there has to be some kind of exchange at some point to keep the studio running.  For me right now, starting a new project, the most important thing is that people hear about it, and get to know me and how I run my operation, and live life up here on the mountain.  Once the tracks are finished, I’ll work with my label (TRL) to get vinyl and online distribution going, and I would say if you find yourself listening to the tracks more than a few times, it’s your duty to pony up the ten bucks for a copy of the record, and better yet, come see our live show and bring your friends.  If music adds quality in your life, you have to support those who make it, and, as pleasure goes, it’s quite inexpensive, and it doesn’t matter if you get addicted to it.

To hear music by The Books and more, tune into Scott Lucey’s Digital Dumplings in Analog Gravy’ show every Wednesday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

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