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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): Young Dreams “Young Dreams”

Today’s SOTD comes compliments of college radio gurus, CMJ (the College Music Journal) — their web site is pretty treasure trove-y on all things new, but they give the added bonus of not just relegating their new music info to that of the States. CMJ’s series called “Scene Report” recently visited Bergen, the capital of Norway, which is home to about 350,000 people. Razika, a band from Norway gave the official lowdown, saying, “Everyone knows each other, and there’s a good mood between us; if you ever need to borrow a guitar amp or just a jack cable, it’s never a problem. Bergen has a lot of bands playing different genres, and many also mix genres. That may be the reason for many bands existing here.”

One of the bands Razika picked to feature is Bergen-based Young Dreams. Razika shares that “they sound so good live, that you start wondering if it’s playback.” The band apparently (according to their Facebook page) features eleven members and holds the heartfelt pop qualities of  Stornoway and the airy sweeping elements of Fleet Foxes. The video for their single “Young Dreams” is more than perfect for a hot day like today when snow seems almost welcome.

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