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Short and Sweet: The Limiñanas Talk to WMSE

The French have always been an allure to the States as far as culture-centric stuff goes: food, dress, film and music have all colored Americans a wee bit green with envy at the effortlessness of it all. The inherent cool.

For French folk/art rock outfit, The Limiñanas, the tables are turned a bit, and for their first jaunt to the U.S., the trio is excited to take in the charms of the road, the record stores, the music and coffee that works. The U.S. is equally delighted to have them, HoZac Records writing, “Ah, the never-ending charm of the French…the power to unite warring nations and to seduce the innocent, all in one luxurious punch. With grandiose production and simple, melodic hooks that would make Phil Spector blush in his jail uniform, The Limiñanas have that special something that embeds their harmonious arrival quickly into your brain, sending a sinister vibe through the original ye-ye formula and coming out with remarkable results.” The very cool and very friendly Lionel ‘Lio’ Limiñana gave us a bit of his time to talk about the group’s impending tour and what’s going on in their hometown of Perpignan, France.

Where in France are you from and what’s life like there?

We are from Perpignan, a small town in the deep south of France on the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of bands came from that town; lots of musician. Pascal Comelade, Les Bellas, Sonic Chicken 4, Jack of Heart, Fatals, Gaz gaz, Beach Bitches…

It’s a classic small town life; nothing to do and a lot of unemployment. Music and cinema is our obsession since twenty-five years, now. We work to get money to feed our kid, pay the rent and go on playing and recording music. We are recording at home every week. We have some good friends around, too. That’s very important.  Life in Perpignan would be too much boring without them. Some are just like family, like Nico and Mu from Gaz gaz or the Jean Luc Moly’s crew who did our videos. We spend a lot of time with them, doing BBQ, drinking wine…talking about cinema and music.

What are some of your favorite bands from France? From the United States?

From France, Pascal Comelade, Ronnie Bird, Michel Colombier, Le Pecheur, Serge Gainsbourg, some 60’s Aznavour tracks, Magnetix, El Vicio, Jack of Heart, Gaz gaz, “wizz comp”.

From USA (a lot): Fungi Girls, OhSees, Cramps, Back From the Graves and Tim Warren work, Lee Hazlewood, mid-60’s Dylan, Gories, Nuggets, Intelligence, Oblivians, Chocolate Watchband, 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide, Stooges (two first LPs), Otis Redding…

What’s a ‘limiñana’?

Limiñana is our last name. It came from the Alicante/Montforte del Cid area in Spain. It’s a famous Spanish liquor trademark. My family came from Algeria and Spain. We choose our last name as our band’s name with Marie, like the Ramones!

How did you get involved with Trouble in Mind Records in Chicago?

We met Lisa and Bill by Internet, with MySpace.  TIM is a great record label and Bill and Lisa are really cool people. They work hard, too. We did two 7″ and on LP with TIM. They’re organising the tour.

What are you most excited about for your tour of the States?
Waw! everything is exciting! You can’t imagine! We love USA culture since we are kids and playin’ here is an old dream. The cities: Memphis, Nashville, New York, Milwaukee, Chicago…the landscape, big coffee, food, the road! We know a lot of cool people by Internet, too, and we can’t wait to really meet them. RECORD STORES! GUITAR STORES ! Arghhhhh! We want to go to the Goner record store in Memphis ! We are all super excited! We hope people will like the show!

The Limiñanas play Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) on Thursday, August 11th at 9 p.m. Presented by The Get Drunk and Dusty Medical Records. Also playing: Gaz gaz, John Wesley Coleman III (Goner Recs), and Head On Electric (Dusty Medical). 21+

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