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Nerds Beware! Personal & the Pizzas Hit Town

words and interview by Andy Turner

Facts about their band history don’t matter to Personal & the Pizzas, who make their Milwaukee debut Thursday at the Cactus Club. Pizza matters. Rock ‘n’ Roll matters.  Allegedly beating up nerds matters. And vinyl singles really matter. The band has put out catchy 7” after 7”,  but no full-length albums…and don’t expect one soon. Raw Pie, available from 1-2-3-4 Go! on vinyl and Burger Records on cassette (featuring Iggy Pop on the cover clutching a slice of pizza), collects a bunch of their great, greasy singles. This year’s “Dead Meat”/”Joanie,” which kicked off the Florida-based Total Punk label in style, is probably the band’s best 7” yet, perfected with their “One Stooges Riff + One Ramones Song + Really Dumb Words” formula and guaranteed to drip all over you. The band was kind enough to string together funny comments, blatant lies and a pile of obscenities (which we replaced with pizza toppings) in a recent interview.

When/where did you guys get together? What common goal brought you together? Who is in the band now?

We got together in New Jersey a long frickin’ time ago. We like Rock ‘n’ Roll and Pizza. Buncha dumb (pepperonis) in the band right now.

The Village Voice featured Personal & the Pizzas along with Nobunny, Hunx & His Punx, and the Spits as four bands carrying on the Ramones legacy in 2011. What about the Ramones makes them gods? Best Ramones song?

Ramones are cool. I like that one ballad they got on Road To Ruin. “Don’t Come Close.”

Is a full-length album in the Pizzas’ future or are singles the only way to go? What are you working on now?

Slices only. Regular. Diet, Crime and Delinquency. I’m workin’ on smoking and drinking and beating up (anchovy) nerds. “Commando.”

The first pressing of your Total Punk 7″ (“Dead Meat”/”Joanie”) from earlier this year sold out in a few months. Is it is your biggest single so far? Did the real life Joanie succumb to your thoughtful ode to her?

We sell out all our records. We are (anchovy) huge. Top of the Pops. T O T P.  (Canadian bacon) Joanie. What a (anchovy) girl.

This is your first performance in Milwaukee, right? Are you fans of any Wisconsin bands?

Yes. No.

Personal & the Pizzas is a wonderfully dumb name, and I certainly mean that as a compliment. Any other names considered when the band was formed? Feel free to make up any now.

Super and the Burritos. Now (Canadian bacon) off and die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal & the Pizzas play Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) on Thursday, August 18th at 9:30 p.m. Also playing: Ramma Lamma and the Living Blackouts. 21+

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