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Get To Know Your WMSE DJ – Dori Zori

WMSE loves free-form radio. Our format’s complete and genuine freedom allows our DJs to explore an insane number of genres — music without limitations! It’s a fact that each WMSE show has its own community within the larger, more inclusive WMSE community; diverse radio programming is rewarded with a loyal listenership like no other.

But because the WMSE DJs are only on the air for three hours each week, you the listener might not get to know them quite as well as you might like, so to give you all a bit more insight, we’re proud to introduce the Get To Know Your WMSE DJ series. Each WMSE DJ gets the same five questions, and just like our free-form format, they choose to answer however they want: short or long, intense or humorously…we ask, they answer, we post.

Sonic Diet will be posting a new addition to the series biweekly on Mondays and the first batch of WMSE DJs featured will be those whose show falls within the 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. show slots. Next up:

DJ: Dori Zori

Show Name: The Girlina Show

Day/Time: Thursday, Noon – 3pm

How do you spend your days and nights when not hosting your radio show?

I spend my days as Underwriting Director for WMSE, which I have been doing since October of 2008. I feel very fortunate to be one of four full time employees that works here and keeps the daily operations of the station possible. I’m lucky to work with people that I love being around every day and I can’t imagine going back to the corporate world after working for such a great Community resource like WMSE. My nights are almost always filled with something fun to do. My most favorite thing to do is see a live show and I will often travel outside of the Milwaukee area to catch some great live music. We have some amazing arts organizations doing great things in town, so I try and see as much of that as I can. I’m always up for a good dance party, though…

Do you remember what band, album or song took you from being a casual music listener to a passionate music lover? Is there a memory associated with that experience?

Whether it was my Dad’s Jukebox, my Grandma’s small radio in the Kitchen tuned into an AM Oldies station or my Mom’s vinyl collection of Elvis, The Beatles and Motown, I’ve always had music around growing up. Elvis was my first musical love. I would play my Mom’s albums and stare at the covers for hours on end. We had this little portable record player that folded up into a suitcase type contraption and we had just moved into a house that had a basement where my sister Jodi and I would spend the majority of our time when not in school. While in the 4th or 5th grade, I remember buying my first album, Blondie’s Eat to the Beat. I’m thinking it was on a trip to Treasure Island, a store I remember being in A LOT as a kid. I’m not even sure if I knew who Blondie was at the time, but I just thought the cover looked so awesome. Debbie Harry soon became my idol. I would spend hours and hours listening to that album, reading and re-reading the liner notes. I learned every word of every song. I tried to style my hair like hers. From that point forward, I looked at music differently.

What band have you heard or discovered in the past six months that reminded you why you want to continue being a wmse DJ.

I love the access that local musicians have to the 91.7fm airwaves. WMSE and our DJ’s commitment to local music from all genres keeps me motivated to be a WMSE DJ. Being able to walk into the studio and hand a DJ your music knowing it can be played within minutes is pretty special.

Who is your favorite non-you WMSE DJ and why? 

Gosh, this question is difficult. I have so many favorites and there is a wealth of talented DJ’s here. I love the way Faux Eyes mixes up so many genres of music during his show and his sense of humor, and it kind of inspired me to do the same during The Girlina Show. Erin Wolf/The Rockleidoscope Show keeps me informed of what is going on in the Local Music scene, Dr Fell keeps things funky and I love that, Scott Lucey is always introducing me to the latest and greatest in new Electronic Indie type music. Tom Wanderer is a one-of-a-kind gem on WMSE, I hope he never leaves. Between Melissa and Rich Mars, I get my 80’s fix of music each week. When Jules is on and I’m in my car…it’s hard to shut off the engine and get into the house. She usually has some dark/funky/sexy music going on….Tom Crawford’s Radio Drill Time the last Thursday of each month is an amazing program. I really could go on and on…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Toys R Us kid? Was that the right answer? What did I win?

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