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Short and Sweet: WMSE talks to Cole Juntila of Rock and Roller Remote Controller

Milwaukee’s own rock ‘n roll television show Rock and Roller Remote Controller may be on ‘Season One’, but RRRC Episode Four is already backtracking to the beginnings of the plot — quite a hefty feat and interesting twist for the local program dedicated to reconfiguring a slightly bygone era of music television. RRRC Directors Cole Juntila and Karen Deau came up with the idea for a TV show dedicated to music videos and all the fun in between while doing a final project at MATC a few years ago and the popularity of the episodes have brought in both local and national bands to create a viewing experience where you just might recognize the actors, the props are admirably amazing/homemade and the music is solid (past performances include The Hussy, Terrible Twos, The Sugar Stems and Thomas Function). Episode Four will be premiered at Linneman’s this Sunday at 8 p.m. and not only will  audiences get to follow the Pee-wee Herman-like adventures of protagonist Tabman on the big screen, but also will get to check out performances (taped and live) by Liquor Store,  Holy S***!, The Elephant Walk, and Drugs Dragons. WMSE talks to Juntila about this Sunday’s premiere — where it’s come from since it’s start in 2008 and what to expect this time around.

When did RRRC start and who came up with the idea?

RRRC started in 2008 when Karen Deau and I went back to school for Video Production at MATC and our final project was to produce a half hour TV show. RRRC was born.

Who decides on the bands to feature for the music videos?

It isn’t any one person and is actually kind of random.  So far it is always three locals and one touring band to kind of replicate the typical nature of a show.  With all of us being in bands or going to shows for so many years, it just seemed to make sense.  With that, the locals are usually a band we are just really into at the time or a band that is really passionate about being in the show or already has an idea in mind for a video.  As far as the touring band goes, we usually just shoot for the stars and ask our favorite touring bands and hope their schedule permits, because they are almost always coming through town at some point.  However, who actually ends up in an episode are those that really show interest.

Big Eyes, from New Jersey/NYC will be our next touring band after Episode 4, and they had to shoot their entire video around their show and stayed up until like 3 in the morning to get the shots we needed and were great sports about it.  Ultimately those types of bands are the ones who make the cut but to be totally honest we offer a lot of touring bands videos and those that show up will get a video.

Which bands will be part of Episode Four and why did you pick them for this episode?

The locals for this episode will be Elephant Walk, Drugs Dragons, Holy S***!  The latter will actually have four (!!!) videos in the episode, and the touring band will be New Jersey/New York’s Liquor Store.  Elephant Walk was actually supposed to be part of Episode 3 as their video had been shot a year earlier but one hard drive failure in the middle of Episode 3’s production forced us to re-shoot and push them back to this episode.  However that kind of stuff happens and I think it was for the better as they fit into this episode’s story line much better.

Drugs Dragons are in because they had a strong concept and a lot of desire to do it.  I remember hearing about the main idea for their video for like two years before actually shooting it, so they were a shoo-in when thinking of bands for this episode, and their concept turned out great and was one of my favorite’s to work on.  Holy S***! is…well, it’s Holy S***!  They are one of Milwaukee’s most well-known and just all around amazing bands who just keep getting better, so their involvement was an easy choice.  However, since their songs are usually around 30 seconds long we decided to shoot four videos for them and disperse them throughout the episode.  Lastly, our touring band Liquor Store got involved because our good friend Craig from Detroit, who was in a video for Episode 2 with is amazing band Terrible Twos, and he gave us the heads up he was in Liquor Store and they would be coming through town at an opportune time for us to shoot.

What’s the storyline?

This episode is about the mysterious origins of the Rock and Roller Remote Controller, itself.  You’ll see some of the past, present, and future, a fight scene, G-rated drug use, some familiar aliens, and hopefully a lot of laughs and fun!

What do you do with all the props you make after filming?

Haha, mostly we lose them.  We aren’t the most organized people in the world and chances are we have all the old props somewhere but do expect a labeled shelf or something cause that just isn’t our style.  Most of the sets just get transformed into the next ones and so on and so forth.  The only thing we for sure got rid of was the giant mouth from Episode 2.  It was so cool we stored it for like a year and when it came time to move studios we had to say goodbye to the world’s biggest paper mache smile.

Where can people watch the new episode and find old ones?

We have a website which just links you directly to where you can view all three previous episodes, which is and one day it will be an actual website with stuff and stuff.

Rock and Roller Remote Controller Episode Four takes place this Sunday, August 28th at Linneman’s [1001 E. Locust] at 8 p.m.

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