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Kid Cut Up Says Farewell

Photo by Alyssa Macy

Kid Cut Up started the Mad Kids Radio Show (along with DJ Madhatter) on WMSE in April of 2008. Since then, an array of co-hosts have come and gone while Kid Cut Up remained the anchor, the lifeblood and the only prolonged dedicated voice of independent hip-hop in and FOR Milwaukee.  But after three years, Kid Cut Up’s last WMSE Mad Kids Show will happen this Tuesday, August 30th from 9pm to Midnight. We caught up with him this week to talk about his future plans, what he’ll miss about Milwaukee and what he has in store for the final show.

You’ve been championing Milwaukee music for over a decade. Why? 

I champion Milwaukee music not because its from Milwaukee, but because some of it is just as valid and legitimate as the music from the rest of the country. Milwaukee music just doesn’t get the same level of shine that other markets get.

Where are you going and why? 

Im going out to LA to continue to pursue my DJ career. I’ve been a part of a lot of incredible things here in Milwaukee, and I wouldn’t be the artist that I am if i was from anywhere else. I’ve been able to accomplish everything that I’ve wanted to do here, and been included in so much more I never had imagined I’d be a part of. I am looking to take what I am doing here in Milwaukee and put it on a larger national and world wide stage.

What is the absolute one thing you will miss most about Milwaukee?

One thing??!! There are a ton of things I’m going to miss. Which is why I’ll be back to visit friends and family out here and I will be back to play shows out here as well. One of the things that i will certainly miss is my show on 91.7. The Madkids has been such an incredible platform for me to play music and expose listeners to things outside of the bar/club setting. Thanks to WMSE for that opportunity and for the Late Night Hype show guys for giving me and Jordan the go ahead to be a part of a great station and legendary time slot.

What one piece of advice would you give Milwaukee on your way to the West Coast?

One of the things I valued most about doing the Madkids show was its ability to reach beyond a lot of the barriers that exist in Milwaukee. I think that Milwaukee can really flourish and realize its full potential if it would be able to tear down divisions of race, society, and economics and exist as one large city. Milwaukee is a city full of untapped potential!

What do you have planned for your final show this Tuesday? Anything special?

For my final show I plan to play parts of the many mix cds that I’ve put out over the years. Some with other people, and some of my solo stuff. A lot of the music that is on those mixes is the result of me listening to 91.7 as a fan, and later playing on the station doing the MadKids show. I’ll play some of the mix that I did from the first time I played live on the Late Night Hype Show. There’s even an old mix somewhere with me rapping on it… who knows what’ll pop up during the show!!!

Thanks, Cut Up! You’ll be sorely missed by Milwaukee and even moreso by the folks within the walls of WMSE. Thanks a million for making 91.7FM an even better musical destination!

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