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WMSE Song of the Day (Tune In Turn Up): Mates of State “Maracas”

We couldn’t be more tickled to have the new Mates of State album Mountaintops in our grateful little paws (anyone else remember their excellent performance at Milwaukee’s  Miramar Theater a few years ago? We do!). Apparently The New Pornographers’ AC Newman is excited, too, for he’s gone out of his way to write this fitting promotional piece for the duo’s brand new album, out on Barsuk Records:

“Mates of State have made a new album called Mountaintops. You already love Jason and Kori’s unmistakable music, or perhaps you’ve managed to miss out or have simply misunderstood just how great – and yes, influential – they and their sound and their songs are. You throw the record on the stereo and the first thing you notice is the energy and force of it: You could use the girl-group bounce of ‘Total Serendipity’ to help you do some sort of running-and-jumping-up-and- down exercise (that song even comes complete with a couple of cool-down sections). The first response you might have to ‘Maracas’ is to do the robot dance as the portamento Laser Cats intro kicks in, and that might be the correct response. Go slightly deeper and you find the song-craft. You find that Kori is one of the best female singers in modern music (and Jason is also no slouch). You notice the effortless way their voices harmonize and volley back and forth, the movements within the song, the way they move from upbeat to pastoral so fluidly that you don’t perceive it happening. Their instruments and voices all move as one piece, inseparable. Through the years, the textures have become more intricate, deeper. They’ve begun throwing in the occasional trumpet or guitar, but it is still stunning how much they can do with just keyboards and drums. They move so far within the limitations of the two-piece format that you can’t even call it a limitation. It feels as natural as the standard rock-and- roll four-piece.”

Well said, Mr. Newman. Check out the video for the single “Maracas”, above and enjoy some new music from one of  the truest musical dynamic duos out there.

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