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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Kyle Wilson of Milagres

words by Erin Wolf

Milagres (Chris Brazee, Steven Leventhal, Fraser McCulloch, Eric Schwortz and Kyle Wilson) have their eyes focused on big hooks throughout most of their new Kill Rock Stars release Glowing Mouth, but the main instrumental contender isn’t guitars, it’s synths. Glowing Mouth utilizes sweeping synths and Wilson’s warbly-pretty voice to skip through cloud-like compositions — high, lofty and vaporous. Wilson and co. are amidst a lengthy tour away from their stomping grounds of Brooklyn alongside Peter Wolf Crier and have a stop planned this Saturday, October 15th at Milwaukee’s Club Garibaldi’s. Before Milagres in Milwaukee happens, Wilson gave us some brief details surrounding the new album and their travels.

The Guardian recently wrote of you, “This band’s name means ‘miracles’ in Portuguese, which is appropriate given that they sound a lot like Coldplay and yet don’t make you want to stab yourself in the ear”. Has Milagres gotten the Coldplay comparison, often?

No, not really. We were pretty surprised by that one actually. I don’t think any of us count Coldplay amongst our influences or anything.  Not that we have anything against them, I just don’t think we had really paid much attention.  I’m sure we will be topping them in the charts in no time.

‘Birds singing in the Key of H (lyric from “Here to Stay”)’? Clue us in.

I just wanted to create a world where everything mundane was meaningful and hyperbolized.  Season’s rage, birds sing in a non-existent key; overseeing it all is Wallace Steven’s Emperor of Ice Cream. But in the end, nothing in that world means anything more than it seems to.

Who did the video for that particular song? It’s got an odd Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe element to it.

That film was made by the incredibly talented Johnny Woods.  He had done some great work for our friends Hooray For Earth so we asked him if he wanted to work on a video.  He was really inspiring and fun to work with, plus he has a sexy beard.

Glowing Mouth has a pretty lush studio sound – do you attribute that to a good dose of reverb or is there something else factoring in?

The vocals are certainly affected with reverb and some delay. We also made sure to record the drums and strings in a nice, large room for some depth. But, I think the lush factor probably comes more from the arrangement. Layering synthesizers, drum machines and other bells and whistles to create a build in dynamic for the song was the name of the game.

You’re on a pretty solid tour right now – all in all so far, what do you all feel more comfortable playing on this particular one: the smaller or larger clubs?

Well, we are just starting out on this one so it’s hard to say. I think our band is probably best experienced in a larger room just because of the nature of our sound, but who doesn’t love a sweaty basement party show? Our music doesn’t translate as well in that setting but our energy does. We definitely feed off of crowds and we like them to be close to us.

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