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What We’re Sponsoring This Weekend: Peter Wolf Crier at Club Garibaldi’s

Peter Wolf Crier

Quinn Scharber, Betty Gow, Zod Records, Collections of Colonies of Bees [and] Violent Femmes in 7th grade.” Peter Pisano says when asked what comes to mind when he thinks of Milwaukee and music. Pisano’s amped-up folk rock band Peter Wolf Crier will be arriving to the land of Zod Records and the Violent Femmes this Saturday to headline a show at Club Garibaldi’s as part of PWC’s tour for brand-new release, Garden of Arms [Jagjaguwar Records].

Pisano [guitarist and vocalist] and Co. call the Midwest home, starting out as a duo (“My parents live in Chicago, I’ve lived away since near midterm college; half-year overseas.  Never though, moved out the Midwest.  I like to stray plenty, never too far from whoever’s taking care of me.”). Percussion (and engineering) from Brian Moen added the layers that Pisano’s heartfelt guitar-centric songs wanted. Their first release Inter-Be surprised the music world, A.V. Club writing “Slow, painstaking craftsmanship can make great music, but when inspiration strikes like a freight train out of the night, it’s best to just jump on and let the thing get where it’s going at its own breakneck speed.” That’s just how it goes, sometimes…or, you have to wait until you can catch your breath. Option two was what Pisano was left with after tour was completed, run at that same breakneck pace for Inter-Be. And out of the blaring quiet that sudden stop brought came PWC’s second album, Garden of Arms.

“Something happened to my brain during Garden of Arms,” Pisano says, “Something’s opening but I can’t hear what it sounds like until I get off the road and home to some place quiet.” he adds, speaking of the current tour. “We all want to give birth/make records. We all want to hold part of our beautiful inside,” he explains the need that drove the formation of PWC (from the bones of previous band The Wars of 1812) and his growth as a Midwestern rocker to something a bit more deep. Garden of Arms has a bit of an experimental side to it (with the addition of keys from Kyle Flater and some playful feedback),creating a warmth that should last the winter, through, and beyond.

Peter Wolf Crier plays Club Garibaldi on Saturday, October 15th along with Milagres and Fahri. 10 p.m. 21+ Listen to and watch the video for “Settling it Off” from the new album, *here*.

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