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One Week Later…Gwar, Milwaukee and WMSE

WMSE's Loud/Metal Director Dori Zielinski + Brockie

interview + words by Dori Zielinski and Alexander Stafford

On Friday October 28th, Gwar played The Rave in Milwaukee alongside Every Time I Die and Ghoul. What would the Halloween season be in Milwaukee if the Scumdogs didn’t show up for a night of bloody jaw-dropping heavy metal? WMSE’s Loud/Metal Director Dori Zielinski and WMSE volunteer Alexander Stafford had a chance to sit down with lead singer Oderus Unugus  (a.k.a. Dave Brockie) for an intimate discussion on politics, celebrities, current and future projects and somewhat twisted Gwar history. *

Do you have anything special that you guys do for Halloween?

No, every show is the same for us, so we don’t change it for Halloween. A lot of people like it when you are doing Halloween every single day. It’s probably the best thing you could do…pretend it’s like a normal day. You could tell me that it’s Halloween today and I would believe you. Not is it only like every single day is it dress up day for Gwar, it’s also exactly the same. You have no idea what day it is. You lose track with the news, what’s going on in the world completely. You go into a tour-mode capsule. It’s like going on a submarine journey.

In the last few years you guys have really expanded with shows and all that. I hear you have a claymation show coming out?

Well, Randy – [Lamb of God], me and Tony from Municipal Waste – we are all supplying voice talents for a show called The Blood Vomits, which is a cartoon….[well] kind of…it’s more of a puppet show. It’s a puppet show with a bunch of computer elements putting effects together. You can make animation out of anything nowadays. It’s crazy. So yeah, it’s online. We went to Kickstarter and got some fans to kick up some money for an operating budget and we made the episode and it’s hilarious. And that’s kind a side project. You can watch it for free — just type it in anywhere. I don’t know if they are going to do another one; hopefully they will. We were hoping to get picked up by Adult Swim or something but they looked at and considered it. But said it wasn’t gory enough. It should have been a lot gorier, I thought. But that was really a side project that the other guys had. I didn’t have much to do with it. I just did the voice for the main character, which was really fun.

Thoughts on Beavis and Butt-Head being back on the air?

Oh it’s great! It’s awesome! In fact we’ve gotten a lot of press out of it, already. Everywhere it seems like people are asking Mike Judge about Gwar being on the show again. Apparently we’re not on the first season but hopefully the second. I’m supposed to review the first episode. See, Mike was told about Gwar by a guy in Richmond and that was kind of the connection to Beavis and Butt-Head. I guess when John stopped working for Mike, we weren’t getting the pull with Mike that we were when John was working for him. So I think that’s why we weren’t in the movie and we just kind of fell off. It seems like in an interview I read with Mike it was like people were reminding him about Gwar. “Oh yeah! They are great!”…you know, so we got to engage him and get him and hopefully people will keep needling him about it and we will get Gwar back on the show. That would be awesome.

So you guys all meet in art school?

Yeah, I went to art school VCU Virginia Coliseum in Richmond,Virginia and that’s where a lot of the other guys were doing kind of their thing. And like any other art school, there is going to be a good music scene around it. So it was just a real great community to get something like that going. So after school was over, Gwar was doing good enough that we could give it our full attention and we tried to make it into an actual way to pay the bills. It quickly became that and after about ten years it was like ‘ahh…this s*** is going to be a career’. Then after about twenty years, it’s like, ‘this is my life’. So then after about twenty five years, you know what? That’s a really, really awesome thing. Because it defined itself as it went along. If you told us when we started that we would be doing it our whole lives, we would have been like, “Oh no, please no! Hahahaha!” I don’t know if it feels that way anymore.

Gwar’s Bloody Pit of Horror is available on Metal Blade Records now.

*By the time this interview has gone to post, news about the passing away of longtime Gwar guitarist, Cory Smoot/”Flattus Maximus”, was announced. Smoot played Milwaukee’s tour date last Friday.

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