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Autumn Music Picks (Low Voltage Ghostly Goodness)


words by Scott Lucey

Nobody knows ‘low voltage ghostly goodness’ like WMSE DJ Scott Lucey. His show (Wednesdays, 6 a.m. – 9 a.m.) showcases the current gauziest musical selections that grace the shelves in WMSE’s Studio A.  Here’s what the man behind the board has been particularly attached to during these current months of autumn.

Beirut: The Rip Tide

Up-tempo, classic Beirut feel with horns, accordions and processional heft. The vocals cater to a classic preference with Renaissance qualities. Track two, “Santa Fe”, reminds me about what I like in  Casiotone For the Painfully Alone. Rolling melodies with a bit of electric for the beat-lover. Track seven, “Vagabond, has a great ‘doo-wop’ swinging feel, as well as a harpsichord-type sway.

Youth Lagoon: The Year of Hibernation

I can’t believe this album isn’t on our ‘top plays’ list! It’ll certainly be up there on my year-end, best-of album list. Get it! Track one, “Posters”, starts the album out, doing a pretty good job of setting the tone for what’s to come — YL’s going to bring you long, cavernous echoes and digital beats layered below pianos and strings. Track two, “Cannons” continues the album, strongly. The feel of the song might make you think YL is a band of ghosts. Other things I like about their sound is this galloping pace they hold — a beat that may also be carried out with stomping feet or clapping hands  or slapped hands on thighs…that’s a tough one to describe. I hope you get it. “Daydream”, track six, is also a dead ringer example of what I’ve listed above — low voltage ghostly goodness.

Megafaun: Megafaun

I really don’t want to attempt to pick this album apart for some reason. I don’t feel qualified, but I do feel motivated to promote it and let you know it’s definitely worth checking out. Whatever genre you’d like to call it: rock, country, indie this, indie that, it’s a perfect album for the autumn. I certainly look forward to listening to this album in a cabin or in the presence of a fire. Track two, “These Words” might be my favorite on the album. It has a very playful percussive backbone and that, for me, is a sweet spot. Crazy as it may be, when I hear this, I imagine MF teaming up with either Dosh or Battles…maybe both!

So! Notes for you. Three albums getting heavy rotation in my listening life — hope you like!

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