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Tonight on Local/Live: IfIHadAHiFi

Dr. Awkward [drums], Mr. Alarm [bass], Yale Delay [guitar], & Rev. Ever [synth, guitar] play with a complete and utter disregard for their instruments, personal safety, and the safety of their listeners (or their hearing, at the very least). One thing no one can accuse the HiFi of is holding back; each song is delivered with an unbridled, balls-out intensity that would make most “hardcore” bands blanch. Anyone can play a song, but not everyone can put themselves through the wind-sprint endurance tests that IfIHadAHiFi’s sets (and records) consist of.

But don’t worry everyone. Despite HIFI’s disregard for your personal safety at shows, their fearless intensity, in this case, will be shielded by our studio walls and absorbed into the 40,000+ records in the library. The sound won’t change. The band’s incredibly fun/raucous combination will still ring loud and clear through your radio/computer/mobile speakers or headphones.

That said, if you could, say a prayer for Billy’s gear, everyone.

Tune into 91.7 FM WMSE tonight at 8pm for Local/Live or stream live (or in the archives) at

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