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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to The Promise Ring

words by Cal Roach

If you feel the excitement level in the air around Milwaukee ramping up this week, it’s probably because one of the best bands our city has ever produced, The Promise Ring, is playing a reunion show at Turner Hall Friday night. This is the first of at least five shows the band has scheduled for 2012 so far. We asked drummer Dan Didier a few questions on the eve of the band’s first year of touring since its breakup in 2002.

What was the best reunion concert you’ve ever seen? Was it pure nostalgia or an actual creative reboot?

The best and worst reunion I ever saw was The Monkees at Wisconsin State Fair Park. I was ten, maybe? Pure nostalgia, because I liked watching the show. It was terrible because everyone kept screaming and we were seated so far back, it was hard to hear. Miserable experience.

You’ve got a disc of rarities coming out soon — will we be hearing any of these tracks at the live shows?

Not for the two shows coming up, but we might start playing some of them as we near the to be determined release date.

How is the relationship different now between the members of Promise Ring than when you got back together in 2005?

Pretty much the same, actually. The only real difference is that we now have six kids in between us.

How much of a time commitment have you guys made to Promise Ring at this point? What does this reunion mean for the members’ other musical projects?

We had a few weekends of rehearsals before these two shows. A lot of interviews and decision-making through emails…that sort of stuff. As far as the other projects, it doesn’t affect them too much, besides the fact that we spend a little more time on this thing right now.

You guys recently announced you’re playing Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Are there any bands you’re really looking forward to seeing there?

Honestly, not really. We are playing the same day as Jimmy Eat World and those dudes are friends, so it will be good to see them. Maybe I can finally pay up for losing a bet with Zach Lind, their drummer, for when the Packers lost to the Arizona Cardinals. I still owe him a Wood/Water 10″. Oh, but he still owes me for when the Brewers beat the Diamondbacks…

The Promise Ring reunites for a show at Turner Hall Ballroom on Friday, February 24th. 8 p.m. All-ages. The Celebrated Workingman opens.

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