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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Sinnet

Reunions are always good. This is a thing that Aaron Spransy knows for certain. The former Milwaukeean and Milwaukee musician is heading back thisaway this weekend for a show with his new Boston-based band, Sinnet. The trio plays the most fun moody pop you’ll hear this summer and their new EP Midwest Manners is a fine tribute to Spransy’s past Milwaukee musical efforts and his Midwest roots. We got a chance to check in with him before he arrives at Milwaukee’s Cactus Club tomorrow for a show with the new EP on full display. Want to listen before you go? Link up to Sinnet’s Bandcamp page and absorb some midwest manners before you head on out.

How long has it been since you’ve moved from Milwaukee and what city do you call home now?

It will be three lovely years in August. I now make Boston, Massachusetts my home. Marlo Pedroso (guitar) and John Drislane (drums) both live in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Bob Gaszak, also a former Milwaukeean, has been living in Seattle for the last year and flew all the way to Boston to play bass on tour…what a guy!

What bands were you involved in when you lived in Milwaukee?

Bob and I both played in Sleep Tight Company, Spransy & Kolb and Those Royals. I also played in a band called Radio Tokyo and Bob was in a great band called The Meteah Strike. I’ll stop the list there and not go into embarrassing high school band names.

What tactics did you use to form a new band in a new city? Anything fancy?

We dragged a large net through Allston (rock city) catching anyone who looked remotely like a musician (which is everyone). A few bystanders and can collectors were caught by accident. They were released, unharmed. Just kidding…is Craigslist fancy? ‘Cause that is where this all started. I moved to Boston and played music with pretty much anybody that wasn’t scary. Eventually I met John and Marlo as well as a few bass players who have come and gone. I also met a fellow named Joel Reader of Mr. T Experience/Pansy Division fame who has helped us out in immeasurable ways.

What kind of music does Sinnet write — is it all video game slanted like your single “Castlevania”?

Video games are for children and nerds. Kidding, again…Sinnet plays adventurous, moody indie-pop tangled up in fuzz and spooky bits. Many of the songs follow traditional pop formats with plenty of room for exploration and weirdness. There is less ‘cute’ than some of my past bands and more darker tones and sounds. Also, more keyboard! This marks my first time writing songs on keys!

Why are you heading back to Milwaukee for a show and what are your plans for the summer?

Bob and I love Milwaukee! We all wanted to tour and what better place to go? I get to show my Boson boys my hometown and what ‘Midwest Manners’ are all about (shameless EP plug)! We are doing this as part of a two week tour through the Midwest and East Coast. Then Marlo will be hiking the AP trail while we star up some new recordings of the full band!

Catch Sinnet live at Milwaukee’s Cactus Club (2496 S. Wentworth) this Friday, July 6th for a 9:30 p.m. show with w/ Hearts of Stone, Caupan Life and Archie Powell & the Exports.

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