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WMSE Programming, Pumpkins and Pledges

WMSE’s membership drive programming is the time when our DJs shine the brightest, pulling out all the stops on their respective shows. Entertaining, exemplary and interactive are just a few general descriptors, but only YOU know why your favorite programs are your favorites, not just during the drive, but week after week. This particular drive, tune in to catch some very special shows from these WMSE DJs and beyond — it’s all in those details, below:

Rich Mars of The City Rock Showgram: Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm

Everyone knows that Rich Mars knows his stuff when it comes to the best and most eclectic in new rock and pop music — he’ll play Tame Impala, Dark Dark Dark, Firewater and Laetitia Sadier back to back (and that’s just an example of his most recent show’s playlist). This particular week, Rich is going to put the focus on his top favorites of all time (a teaser is that those favorites include the one and only PJ Harvey and Lou Reed).

Jon Blick of Overnight Sensations: Thursdays, 12am-3am

Jon Blick of WMSE’s Overnight Sensations has some spooky listening fun in store for his listeners, brought to you by the man himself and co-host DJ Scott. Blick says that they’ll be “bringing you the heebie-jeebies with our usual eclectic mix of music. The last hour of the show will feature the first ever Halloween-themed installment of ‘What Were You Thinking’?, our monthly joint stream-of-unconsciousness / ‘let’s build a playlist’ game.” The following week, Blick has an all-local “blowout” planned for the entire show, also featuring “a smattering of election/presidential-themed music, past and present, to celebrate the final days of the year-long Wisconsin election season that was 2012.”

Charlie Joecks/DJ Jayx of Streamline: Saturdays, 3am-6am

What would a Saturday Halloween weekend wee-hours evening be without a little throwback to the good old ghoulish days? Jayx says that he “will be doing a special rave edition of Streamline...[featuring] classic rave anthems from the eary – mid-90’s.” If you’re already at a friends’ for a haunted holiday party, how convenient to have your soundtrack already set for you, right? Simply find a radio (or streamable device) and tune it into 91.7 FM and let the spooky memories of black lights, glowsticks and machine-made fog take over.

Mark Krueger of Planet Prog: Sundays, 9pm-10:30pm

Halloween happiness continues, this time in fine prog-ish form with the King of Prog on the WMSE airwaves, Mark Krueger. He says “My favorite holiday is right around the corner [so] I’ll be doing some kind of Halloween-themed show for the drive. It’s also a celebration of my 11th anniversary as a DJ…regardless, it’s all about Samhain and the ghoulishly gory fun!”

Buzz of Buzz’s Garage: Mondays, 6pm-9pm

Buzz makes his plans short and sweet, just like the songs he chooses to program his show with — “Halloween special during my show — punk, garage and weird stuff about Halloween, monsters, etc.” says Buzz, but there’s really no need for further detail. We’re guessing that Buzz will be more than capable of dishing out the monsterish mayhem aplenty, so don’t sleep on this one.

Jon Goelzer / bts.wrkng of BTS.WRKNG: Mondays, 9pm-12am

Everyone knows Jon puts together flawless shows that are cutting-edge, atmospheric and informative all at once, and when he puts together a themed program, it’s not to be missed! He discloses, “I’ll be hosting a live in-studio performance (DJ sets) by Bloodshot Pyramid, a new local act comprised of Bside, Redshift and Jslim, who used to be semi-regular visitors to my show in various combinations under those names. Bloodshot Pyramid’s debut album Every Level Larger gets released on Tuesday, October 20th.”

Of course, this is only just a few out of the many, so be sure to keep it tuned to WMSE to get the full details on your favorite programs and more. Make sure your ears are prepared for the maxed-out membership drive programming mayhem to come — we will be bringing you the best because you are the best! See you on the left of the dial.

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