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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Vic & Gab


Vic & Gab’s Bridges & Guns album has quickly become a local favorite and unsurprisingly so – the sisterly duo’s sweetly lined up vocal harmonies paired with strong guitar and bass lines speak to those seeking out some plain and simple, fun-spirited pop music. Add some power and poise from Jesus Nanez’ drumming and the three, together, have become a sought-after act to catch live, too.  With all the hard work a new album and playing out brings, also comes those little extras like music videos — the three recently hooked up with Bryce Richards to create a fun visual companion for the bittersweet “I Haven’t Seen You” (which you can watch, below). Victoriah Bañuelos (guitarist/vocalist) gives us the lowdown.

Is this the first video you’ve made for your music? And how did you get hooked up with Dizzy Bot, who produced the video?

This is our first music video! Bryce Richards from Dizzy Bot Productions contacted us saying he heard “I Haven’t Seen You” on the radio and was wondering if we were interested in filming a video. We jumped on the opportunity and met with Bryce to talk.

Is that how you came to pick that particular song? Did you already have a concept easily at hand for the song to translate into a video?

I think the radio stations picked “I Haven’t Seen You” —  it’s the song they would play, so we just went with it. It seems to be a favorite. We did have a concept that we were really fond of, so it was easy to talk to Bryce about it and try to make it happen. I had imagined most of the scenes in my mind and I was surprised we were able to capture it on film.

Name a few of the Milwaukee landmarks we might recognize and the neighborhood(s) you filmed in…

The opening scene was filmed at the Downtown Books-Bought & Sold Bookstore on Broadway Avenue. That’s my favorite bookstore and they were so cool about having us there. We filmed everything else around Walkers Point. The alley we used is behind an awesome building on Walker Street which is also where we filmed the loft party. The rooftop we used was a parking lot complex off of Ninth and McKinley Street. I love that scene! You can see the beautiful Milwaukee skyline.

Whose idea was it to do a party scene complete with rooftop shot for the end?

Gab is a huge dancer! She wanted to have a dance sequence and that’s how we came up with the idea of having a loft party and have everyone dance. The rooftop shot was Bryce’s idea; we mentioned we wanted to play our instruments and he suggested that rooftop, which worked out magically.

What’s the name of the dance everyone is doing at the party and how many takes did you have to do before it was video-ready?

We don’t have a name for it! Gab came up with all the moves and it was really fun to watch everyone dance together. We did about six or seven takes of it. We had previously sent out an instructional video to everyone that was invited so they already knew the moves when we filmed the party scene. Definitely, it was the best part for us because we were able to involve our friends.

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