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Get to Know Your WMSE DJ — The Good John


WMSE loves free-form radio. Our format’s complete and genuine freedom allows our DJs to explore an insane number of genres — music without limitations! It’s a fact that each WMSE show has its own community within the larger, more inclusive WMSE community; diverse radio programming is rewarded with a loyal listenership like no other.

But because the WMSE DJs are only on the air for three hours each week, you the listener might not get to know them quite as well as you might like, so to give you all a bit more insight, we’re proud to introduce the Get To Know Your WMSE DJ series. Each WMSE DJ gets the same five questions, and just like our free-form format, they choose to answer however they want: short or long, intense or humorously…we ask, they answer, we post.

Sonic Diet will be posting a new addition to the biweekly series on Mondays. Now up:

DJ: John Newhauser

Show Name: various (sub for The Chicken Shack, Zero Hour, etc.)

Day/Time: various


How do you spend your days and nights when not hosting your radio show?

Fighting the good fight during the day. Nights and weekends are spent with family and friends listening to music and attending concerts. I am a sports fan. I bleed Green and Gold and also love The Brewers. I still attempt to play softball, though my 40 time is now measured in minutes instead of seconds. Most weeknights you can also find me at the YMCA, biking.

Do you remember what band, album or song took you from being a casual music listener to a passionate music lover? Is there a memory associated with that experience?

I am from The Falls. Our record store was Total Eclipse. I remember walking in there and hearing The Who’s “Overture” from Tommy. It just blew my away. I bought the album immediately and have loved The Who ever since. To this day, I can vividly recall standing in the store and hearing this.

What band have you heard or discovered in the past six months that reminded you why you want to continue being a WMSE DJ?

Tom Crawford played “Silver Tightrope” by Armageddon. I recognized the song when he played it, but I had totally forgotten about it. It brought a smile (and also cost me $15 because I had to buy the CD).

Who is your favorite non-you WMSE DJ and why?

Where do you begin? They are all awesome. I must mention the “murder’s row” of DJ’s I have the good fortune to fill in for – Jonny Z, Andy Turner, Sonia, Jerry/Dewey, Pete, Dietrich and Kevin Cannon. I can’t begin to thank them enough for letting me sub in and also for all of their support and friendship. I should also mention my training buds Jon Blick and Marty. One final mention is Dr. Fell. He takes me out of my music box and allows me to hear things I wouldn’t otherwise.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Of course I would like to be in the starting line-up…also, I would like to team up with Baron Von Raschke and win the AWA tag team belt.

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