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Today on WMSE: An Interview Regarding The Residents


What began long ago in the 60’s in Louisiana grew into an iconic, although mysterious, group known as the Residents, recognized today for their (sometimes unsettling) anonymity and costume-ry, (eyeball helmets, top hats and tuxedos being the most prominent). MTV aired their videos pretty heavily, as the band’s experimentation in multimedia gave them a video stash that most artists didn’t possess at that time period. Commence, iconography.  Pairing the most eclectic of eclectic in visuals along with avant sound, the Residents really knew no bounds and grew a fast fan-base bent on maintaining a world of wild weirdness. And the weirdness continues.

Two months ago, SPIN Magazine wrote, “San Francisco-based oddballs/eyeballs the Residents are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first release, 1972’s “Santa Dog” single, by releasing the Ultimate Box Set, a $100,000 music collectible to end all. In typical Residents fashion, the “box” is in fact a 28 cubic-foot refrigerator that comes stocked with first pressings of what appears to be every single Residents release ever — more than 100 items — including an actual eyeball-with-top-hat mask which you may recognize from their pioneerings pre-MTV music videos.”

$100,000? A 28 cubic-foot refrigerator for the packaging of more than 100 items? Find out fact or fiction from the mouth of Residents’ manager Homer Flynn today on WMSE at 7pm. Station Manager Tom Crawford will be chatting with Flynn on that box set, 40 years of the Residents and their forthcoming show in Milwaukee at the Turner Hall Ballroom this Sunday, February 17th (as well as spinning an entire Radio Drill Time set of the Residents). Pretty cool. Know what else is cool? WMSE is an official show sponsor.

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