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Linky McLinkster: The Week, The Weekend and WMSE


words by Cal Roach

Just when you thought there was gonna be a late-winter lull (how ’bout that dumb rodent meteorologist, eh?), leave it to Linky McLinkster to dig up plenty of great stuff to do over the next week.  Of course, if you feel the need to lay low in preparation for the 11th Annual Rockabilly Chili Contest on Sunday, we can’t blame you; eating five pounds of chili takes stamina! (Note: we do not officially endorse eating that much chili at one go.)  But there’s so much other fun stuff to do too!  Check it out…

First up, there’s a killer event going down tonight (Friday) at the Jazz Gallery in Riverwest: It’s a visual art show plus live music, and it’s free!  The fun starts at 6 with an exhibition by Caitlin Rooney and Matt Plain, which they’re calling “Street Sweepers Bible.”  The music starts at 8 with local indie/Americana/all-around awesome live band Sat. Nite Duets, who we’ll never tire of telling you to go see unless they start sucking some day.  After that it’s mathy psych-punks Absolutely, who have been hauling ass all over the Midwest lately and so will probably be in prime form for this show.  You can’t go wrong here!

In case you missed the 70s roller-disco party last weekend at Cactus Club, you’ve got another chance to check out Fresh Cut Collective tonight at Stonefly, albeit perhaps a more traditional set by the group, although “traditional” for these guys kinda means the opposite of traditional…make sense?  We’re talking about a wild mashup of hip-hop and almost any other genre you can think of, stuff that sounds like it totally wouldn’t work but it does.  Plus, Klassik is performing at this show as well, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to check out his debut album, In The Making, from last year, you missed out on one of 2012’s best local releases (luckily it’s never too late!).  Also performing: Esh.

We’re in that sort of sports-limbo period between the annual giving-up-on-the-Bucks point and Brewers opening day.  You’re itching for some sort of competitive, perhaps mildly violent, fast-paced athletic event to attend, aren’t you?  No, we’re not talking about hockey!  Roller derby, people!  Saturday evening is bout number three for your Brew City Bruisers at the U.S. Cellular Arena, a spectacle that’s sure to cure your sports withdrawal symptoms.  The Crazy 8s!  The Shevil Knevils!  Maiden Milwaukee!  The Rushin’ Rollettes!  Right off the bat it sounds more exciting than, say, the Ducks, doesn’t it?

Headbangers have some great options for Saturday night [PLEASE remember your earplugs if you go to one of these shows!  They don’t make us say that; we just want you to take care of your ears.].  First off, Riverwest Public House will play host to Space Collector.  These guys definitely fall into the stoner rock category, but they offer a lot more interesting variations than the usual Black Sabbath worship.  We won’t slap the prog tag on ’em (a dirty word in some circles!) but they’ve definitely got some mathy and other slightly esoteric tendencies.  They’ll be joined by Lord Brain, another Milwaukee band hell-bent on slowly and methodically damaging you eardrums, as well as Minneapolis’s The Desert Vest, so don’t be late!

If you’re interested in supporting a great cause WHILE you thrash your neck into submission, there is one optio and one option only: the 6th Annual DIY Vs. Domestic Violence event, happening Saturday night at Rocco’s.  The main attraction is Northless, the brutalest band in the land; if you’re into metal at all and live in Wisconsin we definitely don’t need to tell you how awesome this band is.  Right??  If you ARE into metal and haven’t seen Northless live, you should have your head examined and/or go to this show.  There are at least a dozen loud, aggressive bands on this bill, including Holy Shit!, Architects Of The Aftermath and Shroud Of Despondency to name a few more local talents, and all proceeds benefit the Milwaukee Women’s Center.  It’s a no-brainer.  Check here for the full lineup.

Sunday night at Quarters Rock ‘N Roll Palace (we just love typing that whole thing out), call it a warm up for the Milwaukee Psych Fest next month; there is some serious buzz potential with this lineup.  Topping things off are Psychic Ills, who play the kind of echo-drenched, vaguely twangy psych-garage you’ve come to know and love from the Sacred Bones stable.  Then there’s Föllakzoid, another Sacred Bones band but perhaps a little more out there, more beat-driven and experimental but definitely squarely in the psych realm, and we’ve been hearing a lot of glowing reports about this band’s live show.  On top of these, Moss Folk will be there to represent Brewtown’s freaks; this band doesn’t seem intent on releasing any records, but they’re building up a strong following around town thanks to a pretty heavy gig schedule lately, and as we all know, playing live has to be the bread and butter in the Spotify age.  We are pretty darn…psyched…for this show.

There’s not a lot to be said about Ex Fabula that we haven’t already said, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind y’all about it–the storytelling extravaganza, remember?  You can go planning on telling a story, or just go to listen; either way it’s not going to be your run-of-the-mill Tuesday night.  Next week’s event takes place at Club Garibaldi, and the theme is “Green.”  Gee whiz, could they be more specific?  Maybe it has something to do with the approach of St. Patrick’s Day (and WMSE’s birthday, don’t’cha know)…

Arguably the two biggest breakout records on Milwaukee’s garage rock scene last year came from two artist who will play at Mad Planet next Thursday.  One is Young Holidays, the stage name of one Max Holiday, whose debut EP came out of nowhere last year; his latest, Rose Gold, is just as good, too, and he’s got a full band now to recreate these great tunes live.  Then there’s The Delphines, who actually put out TWO very cool EPs last year, both ready to be enjoyed on good ol’ Bandcamp.  They’re maybe a little harder-edged and less poppy but still plenty catchy; you’ll probably have tunes stuck in your head following both these sets even if you’ve never heard any of the songs before.  Also playing: The Lower 48.

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