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Short and Sweet: WMSE Talks to Warm Soda


Glam-pop fans with a penchant for punk will surely remember Bare Wires, who released the fun-spirited and vintage-sounding Seeking Love on Castle Face Records not all that long ago. Those fans were then certainly sad to see Bare Wires disassemble after their 2012 SXSW performance, but must’ve been ecstatic to see a swift return in an even more sugary form as Warm Soda, lead again by the glam-est of glam, Matthew Melton. The band’s debut release (also on Castle Face Records), Someone For You, is also wonderfully vintage and lo-fi, full of all the right crackles and pops for those melodies that are as syrupy as the band’s namesake.

Catch Warm Soda this Sunday, April 7th as the official headliners for Lookout Weekend Festival’s closing show at Quarters.  Melton gave us a brief lowdown on the new gig before they arrive in Milwaukee.

You’ve been to Milwaukee before as Bare Wires — is this your first show here as Warm Soda? Any fond Milwaukee memories?

This will be our second show [in Milwaukee] — we played Quarters in the fall when we were touring our debut single.  [After the show] this girl ended up in our van and was extremely wasted but yet still determined to make it to this after-party with us. When we got to the house party there was also a “Party Pig” at the house and people were giving it beer.

Which bands have you been into lately (via tour, from your home city, etc.)?

Hectors Pets from Brooklyn, New York, Party Boat from Albany, New York, The Memories…Peach Kelli Pop.

Safe to assume Warm Soda got connected with Castle Face Records because of Bare Wires? And are there any plans to repress the fancy blue vs. rainbow vinyl you had that is all sold out?

Castle Face Records is tight. [They’re] currently repressing the Warm Soda record and there is a surprise flexi disc that comes with the color vinyl edition. I think there are going to be 250 more of the clear blue with splatter and 250 on white with rainbow splatter or something crazy like that.

Reviewers really hype up your live shows (i.e. the most recent SXSW) — is there any pressure to be consistent (or is that not even a question in your mind)?

There’s definitely no pressure when we play shows because we ultimately don’t care what people think of us. We’re just having fun. If you’re worried about what everyone thinks, then you won’t be able to fully connect with the audience, anyway.

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