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Today in the WMSE Studios: Radiation City


Radiation City’s brand of pop music hits that sweet spot of vocals-focus and leans on the sunny tones of keyboards for an unabashed tribute to their west coast home-base of Portland, Oregon. The quintet’s recent Animals in the Median (Tender Loving Empire Records) is full of those sunspots and a carefree whimsy that speaks easily in the youthful tones of a band whose music is more of a lighthearted outlet than a driven mission statement.

Guitarist/vocalist Cameron Spies explained the band’s concept and title to Vox Magazine recently: “While touring we’d see a lot of animals, dead or alive, in the median on the highway,” Spies says. “Lizzy [Ellison] imagined it as this Utopian setting where all of these animals are coexisting or finding a way to live…right in the middle of this epic danger. [the album] exists in that way. Each song is a microcosm within a greater, dangerous landscape.”

Radiation City plays live on WMSE this afternoon before their show at Mad Planet with Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Adelyn Rose and Milwaukee’s Dream Addicts. Tune in around 2pm CST on Melissa’s program to catch some tunes from Radiation City and their Animals in the Median before tonight’s show.

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