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Linky McLinkster: The Week, The Holiday Weekend and WMSE


No other slab of days in a year look more delicious than the Fourth of July holiday — generally nice weather, outdoor grilling (rain or shine) and scores of shows gives Milwaukeeans a pretty nice deal in general and this year, it’s promising to be even more delectable than the norm, falling on a Thursday and giving many folks a nice four-day weekend to look forward to. With a promising weather forecast and the final days of Summerfest lingering, this particular weekend will be good one to get out and adventure beyond the neighborhood (you will have 100% less gray hairs from the neighbor kids setting off fireworks *this* close to your house, trust us).

The Day, itself, brings a pretty dizzying array of options and when that push-pull feeling gets to be too much, it’s really easy to do nothing. If this is the case, it’s good to have a backup plan…Plan R, per se (also known as Plan Rush). That’s right, Rush at Summerfest is one of the thing many Milwaukeeans will be traveling to the grounds to see on the holiday, but doubtfully, will any of the other things nearly be as spirited. And as the A.V. Club so rightly points out, “There’s been almost no silly rock-star crap to sour Neil Peart’s fortress of drums or bassist Geddy Lee’s jolly-wizard vocals”, it’s a no-brainer that this is the direction to walk your feet in, once all the sparklers have been sparkled and the patriotic-colored Jell-O jigglers have been jiggled and consumed.

If you’ve yet to visit the Cascio/K-Nation stage at Summerfest, you still have lots to look forward to in local for the next four days: highlights include Shoot Down the Moon and Twin Brother on Thursday, the 4th, The Delta Routine on Friday, the 5th, Paper Holland and The Championship on Saturday, July 6th and Vic and Gab and Archie Powell and the Exports on Sunday, July 7th. Also, don’t forget to look over your shoulder while at these shows — WMSE’s live broadcast tent is right behind you (as well as our promo tent). Look for that beloved meatball logo and head in its direction. While you’re hanging out with us, don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win a Sach’s MadAss motor scooter from Moto-Scoot and Alterra Coffee Roasters. You would look great on this bike, wethinks.

Saturday is for skaters as Milwaukee’s Sky High Skateboard shop turns an admirable 25 years old. Sky High is rightfully celebrating with a party at the shop that includes food and a skate jam. Anyone into punk music knows that punk culture and skating go hand and hand, so if one introduced you to the other, you have something to celebrate with Sky High.

Just a couple blocks away, Acme Records will be helping local band Wereworm to celebrate a  brand new LP, Wereworm Is a Place, with an in-store at 5:30pm (the band also hosts an official release show at the Palm Tavern the next day at 6:30pm). Pick up a copy of the record and peruse the shelves at Acme for new earworms in addition to Wereworms.

Buddy Guy, just shy of turning 77, is not only rocking Summerfest on Saturday night (10pm at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse), but is rocking out a brand new double-disc, Rhythm & Blues, which sees an official release date of July 30th. The Chicago Blues sound grew on the foundations Guy set down, his guitar playing traveling to lengths never heard before, his emphasis on dynamics, distortion and extended solos, capturing the attention of a growing genre and ever-changing instrument in Guy’s years — the guitar.

That not enough? Remember it’s a holiday weekend! If you don’t have Plan R on the horizon, some straight-up R&R might just be the ticket…enjoy and be safe.

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