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Wisconsin Bands and Lists


This past week, PASTE Magazine ran a piece as part of their 10…Bands You Should Listen To Now  feature, focusing on ten picks from each state. Their picks for Wisconsin? Read the details, here, but the straight-up list is as follows:

Blessed Feathers

Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons

The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Field Report


Juniper Tar


Trapper Schoepp and the Shades

Vic & Gab

Volcano Choir

Since it’s been published, there’s been tons of feedback and suggestions to whom should have been included (the list is pretty one-dimensional in terms of genre) — the WMSE Facebook page is loaded with comments and Milwaukee Magazine just said their piece, here, too.

Since lists like this are naturally provocative, but still well-intended because they give a larger number of ‘nationally unknown’ bands more exposure, is there a good alternative to these lists? And how should a magazine like PASTE, that is generally more alternative and indie pop and rock-leaning in their content, go about in getting a wider pull of data so genres and local artists who are definitely popular but not as common in the pages of this particular magazine (prime example is local metal band, Northless) are represented alongside the standbys?

In the meantime, Wisconsinites know very well who they like and can help in promoting their local favorites by Tweeting about them, going to their shows and supporting their Bandcamp releases. After all, all these bands on this list were also once a bit more obscure on the national radar (how many countless shows did Conrad Plymouth play in their home state, before they went on as a new, nationally-lauded version of Field Report?)? Keep supporting and shamelessly promote your local favorites to every non-Wisconsin resident you know — if they’re genuinely great artists, they’ll sell themselves once the word gets out, outside of our mitten-shaped state.

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