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On The Rise: Northless


words by Dan Oberbruner

Metal fans will tell you that Northless run the gamut of influences from sludge, to hardcore, to stoner, to doom, to post-metal and back again. They’ll tell you that Northless is influenced by bands like Swans, Neurosis, Bloodlet, Eyehategod, Coalesce and many more. They’ll tell you that the 7 year-old band, made up of Milwaukee musicians Nick Elert, John Gleisner, Jerry Hauppa and Erik Stenglein is well-versed in the art of making despondency, sorrow and misery palpable (in other words, they’re a metal fan’s metal band). And their new album World Keeps Sinking is drawing admirable reviews from across the blogosphere.

The uninitiated are going to find an album of polished, extremely patient explorations of profound darkness and inescapable suffering. Truly,World Keeps Sinking is in no hurry to pulverize you into the abyss. The double LP’s seven tracks span nearly 60 minutes with songs ranging from just over three minutes to over 15 but generally hovering around eight. The album is at its most potent on “Passage” where the group dabbles briefly in post-rock and uncharacteristically melodic and straightforward guitar work before descending into the genuinely terrifying, pacing madness of “Wither and Escape.”

World Keeps Sinking boasts some of the most impressive cover art in recent memory and is available on both standard and clear vinyl from local labels Gilead Media and Halo of Flies as well as digitally at their Bandcamp. Find Northless, in person, at one of their upcoming shows at Borg Ward and Cactus Club where you’ll undoubtedly be able to “March, listless, devoid of light” to your heart’s content.

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