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Linky McLinkster: The Week, The Weekend and WMSE


words by Cal Roach

The Film Fest is over–BOOOO. What are we all going to do now, sleep eight hours a night? Well, maybe there aren’t a bunch of amazing underground movies to keep us up past our bedtimes every night, but Milwaukee is still bustling with stuff to do; just no festivals this weekend. Lucky thing you have your old pal Linky McLinkster to give you suggestions on what to do, eh?

Is it just us, or is all the good rock and roll this year coming out of Milwaukee? Yet another local band, Like Like The The The Death, is putting out a new one tonight (Friday), which you can get your grubby little paws on at Cactus Club if you go to the release show. These guys follow the basic noise-rock formula, except with a dual-vocal attack that’s really unique and–dare we say–some really catchy riffs, especially on the new album, Cave Jenny. They’ll be joined at this show by the cuckoo power-pop shenanigans of Body Futures and frequent visitors from the Windy City, Nonagon.

But wait! Aw crap, how are you going to choose between these two album release parties, you guys? Because at Riverwest Public House, Brief Candles are releasing THEIR new Newhouse EP, and it too is awesome, and they too are a terrific live band, more on the shoegaze tip but damn near just as noisy as anybody when you get down to it. You can’t feasibly do both, but you can’t go wrong with either! You also get the suddenly-ubiquitous Heartthrob as well as the cool blip-noise-pop project Ruined Costume at this one; good luck with your decision, Milwaukee!

Of course (wouldn’t you know it?), there’s a third exciting option, this one geared toward the more straight-up dance crowd rather than rock and roll. There’s this party that happens about once a month at Mad Planet that we don’t really mention often here, but it’s a guaranteed good time all the same. It’s called The Get Down, and this weekend is a celebration of its tenth anniversary! The party actually starts tonight at Tonic and continues tomorrow at Mad Planet, and you can expect the usual eclectic mix of old-school booty-shakin’ soul (spun by DJs Andy Noble, Brent Goodsell and Nesh), with the added bonus of a commemorative CD giveaway both nights and catered Indian food tomorrow. If you’ve thought about going to this but keep putting it off, this could be your best chance to go see what all the fuss is about.

You may have missed the record release party for Sleepcomesdown a couple weeks ago, but don’t despair; the city’s premier psych-rock/post-punk hybrid is playing on Saturday at Cactus Club, and we can’t stress enough how great the album, Cured By The Blur, is, nor how intense this band’s live show is. You will dance, and you will wonder what the heck kind of gizmo makes some of the sounds you’re dancing to. And you will not want to be late to this show, as it also features Elusive Parallelograms, who are also certainly rooted in psych, but with more pop and punk and prog leanings, perhaps more upbeat than Sleepcomesdown but no less intense live. Also playing: Is/Is.

There’s also this curious little event going on at the UWM Union that we can’t honestly tell you anything about from actual experience, but it certainly sounds like a unique way to spend a Saturday night. It’s called “Adult Bedtime Stories” and it’s curated by iconoclast-turned-icon author Chuck Palahniuk, who has written many, many things besides Fight Club but will probably forever be best known for that one. For one thing, you’re supposed to wear pajamas to this, so at least you’ll be physically comfortable. And you’re asked to bring a Sharpie also. Otherwise, there will be trivia and winning of prizes and, presumably, Chuck will read some things, plus you get a signed copy of his new book, Doomed. There aren’t many more details to reveal in advance, but check out the full description and/or buy tickets here.

Way back in 2006, a band of weirdos called Man Man put out its breakthrough album, Six Demon Bag, and started to gain a rabid following largely based on its wild, experimental live shows that often featured bizarre physical feats and audience members being used as percussion. The band got gradually more palatable to the indie-rock mainstream with its next couple of records, but the new On Oni Pond seems to be a return to oddness, though it’s not very stylistically similar to the tribal madness of the early stuff. So basically, we have no clue what exactly the show will be like Sunday night at Turner Hall, but it will almost certainly be strange and memorable! Also playing: Xenia Rubinos.

Are you ready for the return of Ex Fabula, Milwaukee?? In case you need a refresher, it’s this thing where people (including YOU, if wanna, and you get there and sign up early enough!) get up in front of a bunch of other people and tell stories, and everyone laughs and cries and forgets that TV and computers and smart phones even exist for a couple hours. The season kicks off next Tuesday at Times Cinema, where the theme of the night (Oh yeah, there’s a theme for each event; we should mention that.) will be “Trust Me.” So, if there’s a story that pops into your head that fits that theme and you want to share it, doors open at 6:30pm; otherwise, show starts an hour later, so get down there by then for some old-fashioned analog entertainment.

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